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Second Music Monday


This week should be interesting. I have my first A&P lecture test tomorrow, plus a practice lab practical. Am I ready? Umm…not so much. Will I be by tomorrow? Fingers crossed.  I’m making the actual test the priority, but I want to work on the lab stuff too so I don’t embarrass myself. I love this class, and I want to do well.

I also have an orientation/group interview tomorrow at this juice bar near my house. I put my name in ages ago, and they finally called me! I kind of doubt a juice bar pays as well as a law firm, but I bet I could do both! It sounds like so much fun, and I’d probably get to meet people! So that’s exciting. Plus, I love juice, and I love messing around in the kitchen, so if I got the job I would get to make all kinds of wacky juices (maybe). Then there’s a wasteland of boredom and drudgery until Friday, when I go to see Sean McCann (not really. I actaully like my day-to-day, but nothing unusual is happening Wednesday or Thursday)! I love concerts so much. Buffalo may not be perfect, but it gets a lot of really good music, and that totally improves my quality of life.

So. Monday has rolled around once again, and so here’s a little song.