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Don’t call me contra


I left the dance early tonight because my back was sore, but it was still a great time, AND there were more free onions. Truly Wednesdays make up for Tuesdays. I’ve heard really good things about the dances in Rochester, which is good, because I’ve kind of sort of decided to move there next year (provided I can get a job), and I want to keep dancing. With any luck the Rochester dances will be a younger crowd, and I’ll get a dance-y boyfriend, but I also love dancing with old guys, so there’s no losing outcome here. It’s kind of nice having a plan, and I feel pretty good about my Rochester decision (it’s close to home, but not so close that I’ll be tripping over high school classmates, and I’ll be able to see my family for the occasional Sunday dinner), but now that I know what I want I need to actively make it happen, which means contacting hospitals. It’s all well and good saying I want to live in such and such neighborhood, but right now it’s just a daydream, and daydreaming about Rochester feels weird- New York maybe, but Rochester? It’s what I want though, for several frivolous reasons (Carbon Leaf plays there when they’re in Western NY, and it’s close enough to Buffalo that I can go see shows there if someone awesome comes through (Great Big Sea is playing in Buffalo in April, and I’m seriously tempted to go up to see them. There’s also the potential to see Carbon Leaf multiple times in the same week because last time they were in WNY they played both cities but no one wanted to drive out to see them twice in two days with me), the bars will probably play Sabres games, and I’ll be close enough to maybe go to a game if I have time/money, I like lilacs, and Rochester has a whole Lilac Festival, someone once told me they got their toller from a breeder near Rochester- the reasons are endless), as well as two good ones- proximity to family, and (supposedly) good opportunities for new nursing grads.

Earlier today I thought I would give my TOMS new life by dyeing them using my pomegranate tea (it’s a lovely pink, but too sweet- I like my tea as bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword). I thought it would work, but instead they’re just beyond saving. I’ve had them for a couple of years, and they’ve served me pretty well, but now they’re tired, so it’s with a heavy heart that I’m retiring them (i.e. throwing them away).


I’d like to get another pair, but I’m not sure when that’ll happen since they’re mad expensive. There are all kinds of things that I’m living without and not experiencing any great hardship (new TOMS, a food processor, a toaster, a car/bicycle (though I wish I had one or the other, since my clinical group is going into a high school tomorrow to talk to the students about good nutrition and it’s in a bad neighborhood but no one can give me a ride. I’ve been told that wearing scrubs and a stethoscope marks you as someone who is there to help, so I’m hoping to get in and out unmolested, but it’s irritating, and I’m slightly nervous), and a microwave all spring to mind, but I would like to have these things eventually, once I have an income. I have all the debt, but I can also kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I should at some point have money that I can spend on things like $58 mesh shoes.

Next week is Mardi Gras, and I’ve decided to make something Cajun-y to celebrate. I haven’t been cooking this week, and so I’ve been living off of popcorn, which is officially gross and not cutting it. I know I want to use okra, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Gumbo? Etouffee? Red beans and rice? Jambalaya? I haven’t decided, but there are lots of options, and now I really want a catfish po boy. And beignets.


How sweet it is


There are some people who just make you feel good– every time I hang out with Emily and Scott I walk away feeling like one hundred dollars.

I had low expectations for the day, but things actually turned out beautifully, despite my weird determination to be in a petulant sulk. I was supposed to meet my study buddies at school at 10:30, but while I was waiting for the bus my eyes strayed to a sign across the street.

016A holiday craft fair! I went to one last winter while I was living in Buffalo and it was terrific- I didn’t buy too many presents, but I received a lot of things that my mom observed me lusting after, so I couldn’t help but wonder if this fair might also have pretty things. I hemmed and hawed for a bit, since going to the crafts fair would mean missing my bus, but in the end curiosity won out and I went. It was well worth it too- there were indeed many pretty items.


003002005004007008006Sadly, everything cost a million dollars, so I didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to look (some of the pictures link to the artists who made the stuff, but not everyone had a website).

I eventually made it to school and studied with my friends Sam and Suzanne for a couple of hours before taking a quick break to do a prenatal with one of my Birth Companion moms. It was our first time meeting, but I think we hit it off well, and I’m really hoping to make it to her birth (she’s due on New Years Eve). I’m not sure she really needs a birth companion, since she has about ten people she’d like to have with her in the delivery room, but she wants one so I’ll do my best to be there.

Despite my best efforts I really did not get very much studying done today. I went back to Sam and Suzanne after the prenatal, and we did another couple of hours, but then I had to leave to work on my Research project, which was a huge hassle. Group projects do not work, and group projects that include presentations seem to inevitably include skits, which I absolutely hate. As a twist, instead of doing an in-person skit we made a movie, but it still felt like an aggravating waste of time. There were egos, and yelling, and the one person who absolutely refuses to participate because they’re just too dignified, but we wound up with a decent short film about me killing my patient through ineptitude and lack of intra-hospital transfer protocols (there was an earlier version where I got slapped, but that was edited out).

Sam and Suzanne had mentioned going to a tree lighting and boat parade thing this evening, and so as our motivation waned we decided to walk down and check it out. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect (Sam told me it was lighting boats on fire, and while that didn’t seem safe I believed him for a good long while before he admitted that he was kidding), but it sounded festive and I was in the mood for some holiday cheer. We arrived just in time to miss the tree lighting, but it was still pretty.

021It wasn’t an actual tree for some reason, but it was still pretty.

There was a good-sized crowd around, and I totally lost my heart to this little peanut.

018Isn’t she sweet? I wanted to steal her (we could have gone as The Grinch and Max for Halloween because I would have stolen Christmas!), but then I would have had to flee the scene and I wanted to stay for the boat parade. It was a tough call, but I’m glad I stayed, because it was pretty awesome. There were tons of boats, and they were all lit up with holiday decorations.

023031027It was quite a sight.

It isn’t cold in Baltimore, but after sitting on a pier for about an hour my friends and I were ready to warm up with a drink and some dinner, so we headed over to The Waterfront Hotel (aka WTF). There was a band playing, and it was only moderately crowded, but we weren’t all able to get a table together (my friends Emily and Scott had joined us, as well as two girls from our program who live in Suzanne’s building, and Sam’s girlfriend, so we were a pretty big party). We did get tables that were next to each other though, and so we were not at all lonely. I didn’t take a picture, but I ordered a delicious black and blue burger, and a slightly less delicious, but not bad Natty Boh (part of being a poor student is drinking cheap beer). Natty Beau was there himself actually, and so I took his picture with Suzanne.

033(It’s dark, but we were in a dark bar and I was taking pictures with my phone (which I thought had a flash, but I don’t know how to make it work).)

It isn’t even in the top twenty things I love about spending time with Scott and Emily, but it is nice that when we go out together I automatically have a ride home. Even just riding in the car with them is fun- we danced in our seats, and joked, and had a grand old time. They’re two of the most comfortable people I know, and I really adore spending time with them.

I wish there were more Christmas shows and movies available on Instant Netflix (there are about a million made for tv movies about puppies, but none that I want to watch), but I’m muddling through somehow. My apartment is in a warm-as-toast phase at the moment (as opposed to last night, when it was freezing), and I’m pleasantly sleepy after a nice busy day.

This and that


I’m super pumped for the weekend. My dad’s running club has been out training at Chestnut Ridge for the past two Saturdays, but laziness and other commitments have prevented me from joining in. Tomorrow though, I’m facing the music, and as much as I expect it to suck, I suspect it’ll also be great. I love running hills, and the Ridge is crazy.

My mom alerted me to an exciting Craigslist posting last night, and now I’m the proud owner of a dresser ($20!). It wants some work, so weather providing I’ll be cleaning, stripping, and painting it this weekend, but it’s very nice, and solid wood. I have the bug now though, so I’ve been scouring ads for other apartment-y stuff, and I’m going to hit up some garage sales this weekend too. Last week’s boule was such a hit that I’ve decided I need a dutch oven of my own, and I’m hoping to pick one up secondhand for cheaps. We’ll see how that goes. I also need a bed, because the votes are in, and everyone thinks sleeping on a mattress on pallets is slovenly and unacceptable, and a bookcase, but after that I think I’ll be furnitured out. How much do I really need, right?

Ohhh yeah, that’s the stuff.

My cat has been on steroids for the past couple of weeks to help her deal with some nausea issues, and they have her feeling her oats. She’s been full of attitude (and rage over being force-fed a pill every night), and so she’s been acting out even more than usual. When I used to volunteer at a nursery school we weren’t supposed to dictate all of the kid’s actions, or criticize them for messing up, under the theory that they would behave well on their own, given the opportunity. Instead, when they did something naughty we asked them “Are you making good decisions?” in the hopes of that triggering some self-awareness and an end to the bad behavior. It didn’t really work with kids, and it doesn’t really work with cats, but it’s a joke in our household, so whenever Lancaster is about to jump into the sink, or steal Anouk’s food, we ask her to pause and think about whether she’s making good decisions, and a lot of the time she does stop for a minute before doing whatever she wants. Anyway, all of these are awesome, but the porcupine is my favorite.

You know that jaguar is regretting his decisions right about now.

Odds and ends


Some awesome person put a plate of digestive biscuts out in the breakroom. Digestives always make me think of George Harrison, who I love (while The Beatles were recording Abbey Road Yoko Ono ate his, and he apparently completely lost his shit and had a huge fight with John over a cookie), and they’re just delicious, so that was a nice treat. They’re like graham crackers, which are also really good, but not something I eat very often. Now that I’ve thought about them though, I want to make them, and I found an easy looking recipe over at Smitten Kitchen, so that’ll probably happen in the near future.

I’m having some serious music lust. The anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic put the Great Big Sea song “Safe Upon the Shore” in my head all day yesterday, and now I really want the whole album. It’s all good stuff, sad Irish songs, and happy drinking songs, and the whole thing rings with Canadian goodness. I also really want the Ok Go album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky. It’s been out for some time now (both albums have in fact), but something in my brain just switched on or something, because I suddenly really really want it. Ok Go is great music for running, and sometimes they’re the only thing that’ll keep me on a treadmill.

How likely is it that if I just plop a mattress on top of a couple of pallets it’ll look shabby-chic and not terrible? I’m aiming for a sort of La bohème, starving artist look, but I’m worried it’ll verge into kind-of-homeless territory. My roommates look very glamorous and put together, so I’m already out of my league, I might as well go whole hog and just be completely eccentric. I kind of love the idea of just making furniture out of pallets- it seems like a purer form of cheap furniture than IKEA, and like it’ll make my gradual transition into adulthood more obvious, when my furniture stops being all splintery.



I want some corned beef and cabbage, and soda bread with raisins. I don’t miss college, but I have to admit that it was just easier when I was on a meal plan. St. Patrick’s Day came around, and I was guaranteed some boiled dinner, but now if I’m going to have it I have to make it myself. The upside of course, is that then there’ll be extra corned beef hanging around, begging to be made into hash, my very favorite breakfast food, quinoa be darned. You could always count on hash for breakfast at school the day after St. Patrick’s dinner, and I loved it. Corned beef hash with a poached egg and some rye toast is probably the best breakfast around, especially if you’ve been up for hours rowing in the rain. Which is also something I miss about college. Maybe now that it’s getting brighter earlier I’ll try to get up for a run now and then, because morning workouts are by far my favorite (I did an ok job of getting my lazy self to the gym last week, but waiting until after work makes it that much less likely that I’ll feel like exercising. Better to get it done first thing). But back to corned beef. It’s delicious, and  I need to make some.

I saw these dinosaur planters the other day, and now I really want a dinosaur planter herb garden. I really really want one. I would put basil in the brontosaurus, and mint in the T-Rex, and thyme in the triceratops, and rosemary in the stegosaurus, and it would be awesome. It would be so whimsical! But, I went to practically every toy store in the city and I couldn’t find the right kind of dinosaur! I want a hard plastic hollow dinosaur, the kind that you would play with in the sandbox, but they’re nowhere to be found. I looked at The Treehouse, I looked at Toys ‘R Us, I looked at Claytons, Target, The Dollar Tree, and Big Lots, and not one of them had what I need. There were plenty of dinosaurs (and tons of dragons. I guess dragons are In right now, along with pinstripes and orphans), but they were all either solid plastic (which seems dangerous. Some of these dragons and dinosaurs are pretty heavy, and I remember on more than one occasion being whalloped with a plastic dinosaur. I was ok because they were the hollow kind, but these could really do some damage), or squishy (I guess those are meant for the more violent children). It was very discouraging, but I haven’t given up hope yet. If I can’t find any dinosaurs I’m considering using a piggy bank, but by golly, I will have plants in a plastic animal!



Last night it occurred to me that the two biggest bummers I’ve experienced in the recent past were discovering that the goat guy is a sexy, sexy actor, and not just the goat guy (I’m at a loss to explain why this bothers me as much as it does), and my favorite tv show ending (Being Erica. So sad. It was only four seasons old!). When I said it out loud though (and again when I typed it), it became really obvious that life is pretty darn great right now. So things are awesome. 🙂

I had my last final yesterday, and while it wasn’t perfect, it had the perk of being over now, so that’s hard to argue against. My professor gave me his letters of recommendation to mail, putting me back in the driver’s seat, so I know for a fact that they were sent. We had our ups and downs, but he was there for me when I needed help, and it seems petty to ask for anything else after that. I took a short study break Monday night and made a big batch of toffee to give to him as a thank you present. My next-door neighbors used to make toffee as a teacher present when their kids were in school, and it always seemed very impressive, but it’s actually incredibly easy to make. It’s also stone-cold, slap-in-the-face delicious, as something that consists entirely of equal parts butter and sugar should be. I gave about half the batch to my professor, and some to my mandolin instructor, and we still have a ton of it lurking in the fridge, begging to be eaten. My dad proposed using it in ice cream, and while that is sort of like throwing gasoline on a fire of unhealthy deliciousness, it would probably slow down consumption. It’s one thing to munch little bits of toffee throughout the day, it’s another to nom all the ice cream.

After my exam I did some Christmas shopping (I can’t make all the gifts. I wanted to, but I’m just not crafty enough. Maybe next year, when I’ve honed my skills to a deadly, crafty point), and spent a very jolly afternoon working on the gifts that I am making. I also worked on some mandolin Christmas carols, with limited results. The problem with learning is that as soon as you get one thing down they ask you to learn another harder thing. It’s very fun though, so I’m doing my best to let go of frustration and focus on anxiety over having to perform for my family over the holidays. It’s all about perspective.

As a special treat last night we went to the Blue Monk for dinner after my lesson. It was really loud, and I have a hard time speaking up (and ordering food), so the waitress accidentally brought me a burger instead of the steak frites I ordered, but she was really great and immediately took the burger back and left me with my fries. This was perfect, because the Blue Monk is all about the fries. It’s a Belgian restaurant, and no one does fries like the Belgians. These were fried in duck fat, and came with incredible dipping sauce (aka: flavored mayonnaise), and because they were the only thing in front of me, and steak makes way better leftovers than cold fries I may have eaten them all. Guys, I had beer, and mayonnaise-covered fries for dinner last night. I also ate my veggies when the rest of my food came, but it was mostly the dinner of fries, and it was glorious. And I eat a whole lot of kale, so I don’t even feel guilty about it. That meal put me right to sleep though, and I was in bed by 9:30, making last night the most decadent one ever. As far as end-of-the-semester-celebrations go, it was pretty terrific.

Lazy Sundays and momentary panics


I just had a moment of sheer anxiety that I had forgotten to do my lab homework for the week. Fortunately, it’s Monday, so I have time. That was a scary second there though, because we only have two homeworks left, and every grade matters. I bet I can pull out an A, but it’s close, and I can’t slip up now.

Yesterday was a very lazy, but still productive day. I wore sweatpants all day, but I got a lot done, so it was ok. I’m sort of winging it on one of my Christmas crafts, and it’s proving challenging, but I’m probably 1/4 done, and it isn’t a disaster yet, so that’s encouraging. I’m actually striving for a little better than “not a disaster”, but for now it will do. This is probably going to be the most difficult present to make, but if it comes out it’ll be really great. I tried to pick projects that would be achievable (I’m still something of a novice crafter), but not garbage. No one wants a pipe cleaner pine tree, but I don’t have the skills to make something crazy like anything knitted, or needlepointed, or requiring of actual skill. I’m great at rolling hundreds of paper rings, but as impressive as those projects look, they’re really very easy to make, and require more time than anything else.

I try not to jump the gun on Christmas, so I’ve been holding off, but I’m starting to weaken. I want it to snow. It’s finally starting to cool off, and we’ve had some teasing little flurries, but I want the real deal. I usually wait until December to listen to Christmas music, but yesterday I came downstairs and my mom was playing all of my Carbon Leaf on shuffle, including Christmas Child, and it was so good that I couldn’t bring myself to turn it off. Their holiday show last year was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. I bought their Christmas  album after the show (they signed it and everything), and listened to it nearly constantly until I went home for break. It’s great music for wall-sitting, and back then I was doing a lot of that. I’d like to get back into it- my dad and I are challenging each other to do wall sits this week, and I miss having awesome legs, especially because I just bought a bunch of pretty tights. So to circle back, I want to listen to Christmas music while crafting, and take occasional breaks for wall sits. First thing is first though, and I intend to fully enjoy Thanksgiving before jumping ahead to the next holiday.

Say cheese


I look forward to Saturdays. It isn’t exactly unusual, but I really really do. And so I was kind of bummed about having to retake my 5-hour driving course this Saturday, because it would make me miss the market and eat up a big chunk of time. So…I put it off. I’ll take it soon, but I didn’t take it today. Instead, I woke up early, and made more turnovers. I prepped them last night by cooking the bacon and defrosting the pastry, so it was a quick process, instead of taking forever like it did last time. I also made them smaller, because while the first batch was delicious, they were too big for a single serving. They were at least two, and sometimes even three servings in fact, and that’s impractical, so I made these half as big. I think they’re probably best as appetizers though, and so next time they’ll be even smaller. While the second batch was baking, I dealt with the transportation issue (because I clearly made them with someone in mind). Last time I wrapped them in parchment paper, but I knew I could do better than that, and so I made a tupperware box out of a gallon jug ( I got the idea from a website, but it’s a ninja craft site, so I can’t find it again). Sounds crazy, right? Well, depending on why you think it sounds crazy, it might not be! The box-out-of-the-jug part is actually super awesome. It may revolutionize the way we send people home with leftovers. I have tupperware issues. When I was at school I had I think five sandwich sized tupperwares, and one giant one, and they all had lids, and were kept together, and it was great. Then I came home though, and my system descended into madness. There’s some kind of spell on my parents’ house that causes tupperwares to lose their lids, and it makes me insane. I seriously hate cleaning up after meals if there are leftovers because there are never enough matching tupperwares, and it’s better if things can go into single serving containters because then you can take them for lunch, but instead we wind up with some carrot shreds and a third of a chicken breast in a two gallon container with cling wrap on top because there wasn’t a lid. SO when people come over for dinner and there are leftovers that we want to get rid of because our fridge is so full of giant containers, we give people food in…tupperwares. But because these people are guests, and we want to seem like well-organized Martha Stewarts, we give away the precious few matching sets that we have. And then they’re gone. Usually forever. This new system though, is perfect! Making (adorable) to-go boxes out of things that would otherwise be thrown away just might be the perfect solution! And they’re reusable! The instructions on the ninja-site were pretty vague, but by cutting along the folds, with one extra-long flap, I was able to make a nifty little box. (I’m going to be making a lot of these in the near future because we host Christmas dinner, so I might post a tutorial. Maybe even a video tutorial if I’m feeling fancy.) I lined the bottom with parchment paper, and stuck in two turnovers (they’re pretty much the same as last time, with the only real difference being I used one whole onion instead of a half), and went to the market. I’m not much of a closer, but I think I managed to carry it off relatively well (“I brought you more food! I’m working on this recipe for the holidays, and I thought I could use an outsider’s opinion.” Yeah, I’m smooth. 😛 ) . He seemed really pleased though, and he liked the box a lot (he also has a complicated relationship with tupperware. We have to much in common 😉 .) PLUS, and this is the exciting part- we got free cheese. He said we’ve been such good customers, and we took the class, and we’ve fed him on multiple occasions, so our cheese was on the house. *swoon* Ok, I know that’s a little thing, but he didn’t have to do that, and it was really nice. I really hope he likes the turnovers. They’re good, but I think the whoopie pies were better. This is so silly, but it’s just one of those little things about my Buffalo experience that is making me smile.

Still I long for your kiss


What a weekend!

Friday night I went on a MeetUp to the Art Walk in Allentown. It was my first MeetUp, and I was kind of nervous, but it was great! A lot of the people were older (one is actually a teacher from my old high school, but I was never in her class), but there were three younger, my-ageish people, and so that was nice. We strolled around a bit, chatting more than looking at art, and then went to Allen Street Hardware for drinks. It was very crowded, but we all piled into a booth and sat around talking and figuring out if we had anything in common. The people were all incredibly nice, and I’m actually going to dinner with the other youngin’s on Thursday. So that was a very successful outing indeed. I like the idea of MeetUps- it might be the solution to my Chow Chocolat tango dilemma (I don’t want to go by myself, but I don’t really want to go with my parents (No offense! I love spending time with them!).

I posted about my Saturday market adventure, and I spent the rest of the day working on my table. It’s coming along nicely, but it isn’t quite done, so I’m going to hold off on pictures for now. My cousin joked with me that I’m using my gap year to develop a one-woman Sturbridge Village (cheese-making, furniture painting, cooking, mandolin playing, and I got a large hunk of beeswax at the market so I can explore candle-making), which sounds about right. I’m having a ton of fun with it all. It was incredibly satisfying to paint my table and have it go from looking like something I rescued from the curb to a respectable table.

Sunday was lovely because I took full advantage of turning the clocks back and slept to my little heart’s content. When I got up I read the Sunday Times while enjoying a kale egg english muffin, and then my mom and I drove out to the East Side and attended Polish mass at Corpus Christi. I hadn’t been there in years, but apparently when they first built it like a hundred years ago the school children wrote prayers and put them in the big cross, and now that they’re renovating they opened the cross and took all the stuff out to examine. The prayers had been reduced to a coral reef-like blob, and so it’s impossible to read what they were praying for, but it was interesting (?). They put out papers for people to write new prayers to be put into the cross, but I don’t really get the point, and so I didn’t write one. My mother’s family all came out though, and after mass (which was nice because of the beautiful setting, but incomprehensible to me because I don’t speak a word of Polish) we all had doughnuts and visited a bit, which was when my cousin made the joke about all of my hobbies. There was a picnic in the park later in the day, but I opted to go running and to the gym instead. It was a close call, but it felt so good to get moving that I knew I made the right decision. I really need to run more- it’s so satisfying.

It was truly the non-stop fun weekend, because Sunday evening we went to see Lucinda Williams at the Town Ballroom. I like Lucinda Williams well enough, but by that point I was pretty much fun-ed out, which made it hard to fully enjoy the show. I was tired, and it was crowded (lots of aging hippies and older lesbians), and while she played a great show, I spent the whole second half wishing that it would end so I could go home and crash. Isn’t that shameful? It’s really embarrassing, but true. Her band was awesome though- they didn’t have an opening act, but her band came on first and opened the show with some instrumental stuff that was terrific. The drummer was especially fun- he played on a paint can, and a kick drum, and he rattled chains, and just pulled out all the stops- he was a joy to watch. He probably broke three drumsticks over the course of the show, he was just that into it. Lucinda Williams was in good voice, and played some fun stuff (“Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”, “Honey Bee”, “Drunken Angel”, etc.), although she didn’t play “Passionate Kisses”, which is what I wanted to hear. It was a fun show, and it we certainly got our money’s worth, because it was a long show, and I’m glad I went, even though I was tired and crabby by the end. The whole weekend was just delightful. It was full, and busy, and now I’m on the other side, and ready to face this week.



I got back on the erg yesterday. Walking to the gym I battled with myself over whether I would take a spinning class or run for my workout. I love to spin, but I’ve been doing it to the exclusion of all else lately, and that seemed like a bad idea. Down that road lies injury and boredom. Plus, even though I lack grit (I thought I blogged about this, but a quick check reveals I didn’t- I took an online personality test, and it revealed that I lack grit, and because grit is very important for success this news depressed me) I’m really determined to stick with my 5K goal, and that means getting on an erg at some point before I attempt to erg for what will probably be a year (5k is really far!). So instead of spinning yesterday I ran on a treadmill (badly), and erged (humiliatingly. Ergs need to be kept in a separate room from the rest of the equipment, because when you’re really erging you look insane. Or at least I do. There’s gasping, and crying, and intense facial expressions- it’s quite a sight), and lifted (also badly). None of the areas of my workout went well, but it was still a productive workout. Sometimes these things are greater than the sum of their parts. I hadn’t done any of those things in months, and getting back on the horse is hard, but I did it. Next time I’ll do it better.

I actually finished Lillian’s paper ring trash can last night! I had the wrong kind of hot glue gun sticks, so I had just been making hundreds of paper rings (I have about a million left over, but I’m sick of this craft, so they’re just going to have to wait until I feel like using them), but last night I was determined to finish. I like to craft while I watch tv, and last night was the two hour Grey’s Anatomy premier, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to put this project to rest. I think it came out really well. It’s sort of reminiscent of a tree stump, but in a cool way. For my next trick I think I’ll actually finish my table project, and then…maybe something with wine corks?