Running Off the Reeses

I loveCely’s blog! She’s funny, and clever, and makes lots of interesting cultural observations. She also has pretty awesome taste (she has a French bulldog!), and turned me onto Downton Abbey.

Answering Oliver

Devon is amazing. Seriously. I’m not sure if she’s blogging at the moment, because she’s going on a year-long round-the-world adventure, but her archives are great. You can just start from the back, and work your way up, cuz she’s crazy cool.

Low…and behold!

Kacy has a really great writing style. I love her sass, and guts, and I think she’s really brave and down-to-earth.

The Comics Curmudgeon

Josh is just hilarious. I love reading the funnies, but I love it a million times more since I’ve been reading his blog. I never realized just how evil Marmaduke was until I did, but now I can’t help it.

Chem. Crew Cupcakes

Finally a blogger I know in real life (instead of just wishing I did)! Kelly and I rowed together in college, and she is such a great person. She’s probably the best baker I’ve ever met, AND a great student, athlete, and person. She’s studying abroad right now, so I don’t know if she’ll be blogging, but her blog is totally worth a visit for all the great recipes and yummy pictures.

Hyperbole and a Half

This is possibly the funniest blog in the universe. Seriously. Every post makes me laugh out loud. It’s just…brilliant. You need to check it out if you’ve never read it before. Especially the posts about her childhood.

Effing Dykes

I really love Krista’s blog! She’s so funny, and actually full of wisdom (wearing your belt buckled on the side instead of the middle? Yeah, that was her tip. She didn’t invent it, but that’s where I read about it.) She has had a big influence on my gaydar.

Craft Gawker

Oh. My. Goodness. How much do I love this site? All.

Blue Velvet Chair

Another crafting blog. This site is so full of amazing projects, and beautiful things!

Shoot The Sea

Another blogger I actually know! Anna is incredibly talented, and funny, and makes awesome drawings (sometimes of My Little Ponies!), and writes amusing poems. She’s also pursuing the stage, which is very brave, and would have been very scandalous if we lived in Victorian times.

The Crunchy Marriage

I really like this blog (clearly, as it’s on my list of blogs that I love). They live in such a pleasant way, and are full of wisdom about things like kombucha, and raising chickens in the city.


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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! I really appreciate your kind words! That is exactly what I hope to get across on my blog, and I’m really glad it’s working.

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