Hi! I’m Caroline, a 23 year old nursing student living in Baltimore, MD. I studied Psychology at Smith College, but I realized a few years ago that my love of helping people, and fascination with birth called me to become a midwife, and so I am now pursuing my BSN at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.


I love being active (I’ve played sports my entire life!), but now that I’m so busy with nursing school I’m facing the challenge of keeping fit without that external motivation of teammates and coaches. I’m dedicated to living an active lifestyle though, and so I’m setting my own goals, and trying all kinds of new ways to move and be healthy.


I love to cook! I stayed in campus housing all four years of college, and so now I’m really excited to be cooking for myself. I love trying new recipes, and using local ingredients, and I try to do the brunt of my shopping at the (fortunately close-by) farmers market. I make an effort to eat healthy, but I don’t make myself crazy over it- I think food should be enjoyed, and not treated like poison or medicine.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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  1. Do you still play rugby ?It’s a great game and seems to be gaining in popularity with women these days. Is it popular in the US…I thought it was pretty much underground over there..although the US team is at the World cup.

  2. No, I don’t. 😦 I played in high school, and for two and a half years in college, but I transferred schools, and I really related to the rowers more than the ruggers at my second school, so I did crew instead. I want to go back to rugby at some point, because it is so fun, and it’s a great way to make friends, but I can’t commit to a team at the moment. I’d say it’s pretty popular in the US, but it’s almost a women’s game because of Title Nine and football.

  3. Hey Caroline! I found your blog through Zoe and the Beatles’s, and I see that you went to Smith-I am a sophomore there! What a crazy small world! And I’m planning on majoring in psych too! I can’t wait to read your blog.

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