I went to the Charles Village Festival yesterday, and a band that I saw while out on a date with Peter Parker was playing. Then I went to a party at a stranger’s house, and I ran into people from contra dancing. More importantly, I had a super wonderful day, with live music, and cheap beer, and cantaloupe, and water fights. It was cool realizing that I fit into a community in Baltimore that isn’t 100% nursing students, but it was even better spending the first day of June with wonderful people I adore. I’ll be very sorry to move on.

It has been absurdly, cruelly hot in Baltimore, and I do not have any air conditioning in my apartment. It’s not good. As a means of coping I have decided to live off of popsicles, hummus and veggies, and bread and butter pickles, because it’s much too hot to turn on the oven or stove (I boiled an egg this morning and the fan actually made me hotter, because it blew the heat from the flame right at me). Pickles are an underrated breakfast food- I bought nice local ones at the farmer’s market, and I don’t know how I lived before without having them in my life.


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