Where have I been?


(Not in Geneseo.)
Instead of recapping all the exciting stuff that has been going on (school, being a big lump), I’m going to focus on right now. I actually went for a run today, for the first time in way, way too long. It was warm out, and around mile one I threw in the towel and walked, but then instead of just giving up entirely I got myself to start running again, and did about three miles. I know, that’s a little nothing distance, but I was proud of myself for not quitting. After my run I came home, threw some chicken breasts in with Chiavetta‘s sauce to marinate, and hopped in the shower. I set the smoke alarm off multiple (three? four?) times actually cooking the chicken, but it was entirely worth it, because the first bite transported me back home. Poof! Summer in Western New York. It was super magical.
I ate half a chicken breast on top of a kale salad (my disbursement money just came through (the last one of nursing school!), so I did a big grocery shop today and bought all kinds of nice foods. I bought avocados! And pistachios!), and then the other half by itself, as dessert, because it was so good.
Now I’m watching old episodes of Degrassi, and feeling pretty good about life. Tomorrow is a big (HUGE) study day, but tonight I’m relaxing.


About turntowardsthesun

I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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