The time I ordered salad and water on a date


Today is such a beautiful day. I woke up late (around 8:45, which isn’t that late, but I felt like Rip Van Winkle), and the sun was streaming through my windows as a sign of good things to come. I was with a Birth Companions mom yesterday, and had popped home to get some rest with the expectation that she would call me in the wee hours of the morning, but that call didn’t come (this baby isn’t in any hurry, and still hasn’t made their debut), so I got a solid nine hours of desperately needed sleep
My friend Maria and I went to the Farmer’s Market this morning, and I stocked up. I feel like I’m waking up from hibernating- I hadn’t been to the market in forever, and it was great to be back in my normal routine. I bought eggs, and onions, and garlic, and sweet and red potatoes, and the first kale that I’ve had in ages. The mom texted me while I was still out shopping, so I cut things short and went home to drop off my groceries and then went to the hospital.
(Because things are moving so slowly I’m at school, kind of studying, but mostly blogging. Things have been happening, and I haven’t been writing about them, but I’m trying to catch up.)
So. There’s a boy. That sounds a little more serious than it is, but we’ve been out several times, and I’m warming to him. He’s very sweet, and I’m really trying to give this a reasonable chance. It’s hard though! I carry a lot of neuroses around, and sometimes they bleed out a little, like the other night that inspired this post’s title. It wasn’t meant to be a thing- I don’t do that bit where I refuse to eat like my normal self in front of boys, but we had plans to go to a concert, and I didn’t realize that we were also getting dinner, so I had a snack beforehand, and my friends keep eating delicious-looking salads in front of me, so that’s what I wanted. The water thing was because I was on call for a birth- I had a mom who was being induced that night, and I didn’t think it was likely that I’d be called in, but it was a possibility, so I didn’t want to drink. It sounds so innocent, but then our meals came, and I looked at his plate and beer, and my plate and water and felt silly and self-conscious. Most of the time things are comfortable and nice though, and I’m pleased that this is happening.
I’m also moving to Alaska. That should probably get higher billing, but instead I’m slipping it in at the end of a post about dating and births because it’s so big. My family is having Feelings about it, and I’m sure as it gets closer I will too, but right now I just feel certain that it’s the best thing I can do for myself. I’m not even questioning it- I just know that I should go live in Alaska for a little while. I have reasons- there are lots of nursing jobs (and lots of L&D nursing jobs at that), and the pay is good, and it’s an adventure. I want to go places, and be out of my element, and totally uproot my life while I’m still unattached and can do that kind of thing. Plus there are the Northern Lights, and salmon, and summer days when the sun never goes down (and winter days when it never comes up, but that’s beside the point). I think it’ll be a really great thing, and I’m excited.


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  1. I guess you are serious about moving to Alaska but I must say it’s a pretty radical idea. Have you already taken a job there?

    You might be interested to know that I was hired, sight unseen, by two dentists in Cour d’ Alene, Idaho just before my graduation from college. Their plan was to have me work in their practice and be an instructor, alongside them, at the University in the Dental School there, turning out Idaho’s first Dental Hygienists.

    I was just 20 years old and, while very confident of my skills and knowlege in my field, (which was not as great as I thought it was. I learned a lot more later), was also very sure of being able to find a good position locally. I chose not to go and have always wondered what might have happened. It would sure have been an adventure but how very different my life would have been!!!

    Within 2 years of graduating I was married. Within 3 years I had my first child and a second the year after that. I actually worked at my profession for only a scant 2 years and then did not ever go back to it full time and even then that was not until 8 years later.

    I don’t regret how my life turned out. I’ve been the most fortunate of people…but I still wonder sometimes….

    • I haven’t taken a job there yet, but I’ve decided to apply for the Alaska nursing license, since we have to choose where we want to practice before taking the NCLEX. There are a lot of jobs for new grads, so I’m hoping to get hired, and if I can’t find anything I can switch my license to somewhere that will hire me.
      It’s an adventure though- I’m not that young, but I think I’m young enough to pick up and relocate to a place where I don’t know anyone. I’ve never done that before, and I imagine it’ll be challenging, and exciting, and sometimes lonely and grim, but mostly great.

      • And you know who is up there a good portion of the time? Your Aunt Tracie. Right now she’s at home with Uncle Tommy but the plan is for her to be in various parts of Alaska from May to September at least. You can call and talk to her about it all.

        I bet they’ll be excited to learn of your plan!

      • I just took their phone numbers out- I’m not sure those should be posted. I’ll be sure to reach out! I don’t think I’ll be ready to move while she’s still there, but I’ll probably be heading out sometime in September-October.

  2. Well, there’s winter, and I miss winter sometimes, but there’s a lot more of it there than in other places. Stay away from bears. Maybe learn to use a rifle, so you can get your moose or your elk in time for 30 Days of Night . . . oh, no, not vampires, too!

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