I saw my first circumcision today (on the first boy I ever saw being born- this kid has provided me with several firsts). I have conflictions about circumcision- I’m kind of for them, but I don’t like my reasons (I think it looks better), and I abhor the idea of doing elective cosmetic surgery on a newborn’s genitals. I wanted to keep an open mind, but now that I’ve seen it I know that I don’t like it. I don’t know what I’ll do if I ever have sons, but the whole thing made me feel sad and uncomfortable (the baby didn’t even seem to care that much, but I was upset on his behalf). I have several top-notch baby boy names that I really like, but I almost hope that I never have a son so I won’t have to deal with this issue.

My group was on the postpartum floor today, while the other clinical team got a crack at labor and delivery. Postpartum is pretty slow, but I had a nice day visiting with yesterday’s mom, and learning how to do an assessment on a new mother (it’s a lot like a regular assessment, but with more breast-palpating). It’s a little strange-sounding, but one of the real highlights of my day was hearing that my friend A. got to witness a birth. I didn’t see him at lunch, but when he came downstairs at the end of the day he was practically skipping, and now he wants to become a Birth Companion. He didn’t get to give me the whole story (we were in the lobby, and we aren’t really supposed to talk about patients in public, and my ride was eager to hit the road), but it sounds like it was great, and I’m super happy and excited for him. I get such a kick out of him- I was honestly happier that he got to see a great birth and realized how terrific it is than I would’ve been if I got to see a birth myself. (I sometimes think I should tone down the love-my-friends talk on the blog, just in case any of them ever find it, because I wouldn’t want them to feel weird, but I can’t help it- they’re just great). I love that the guys in my class like doing L&D- I used to have all kinds of Views about men wearing babies, but now I realize that two great things (like men and babies) are even better together.

In other, very exciting news, the Pied Piper is back in town, and sporting a dashing mustache (for now). He’s been back for a couple of days now, but I just got to see him tonight (and we’re going contra dancing next week). He just swung by to say hi, but I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat the whole time- I’ve missed him. We stood out by his truck, and talked, and shared a grapefruit, and he showed me pictures from his recent adventure driving across the country. I just love being around him- he’s so incredibly special, and I feel like I hit the lottery by getting to be in his clinical group, since so many people in our class totally missed out and never even met him. It’s hard to explain what it is, but it’s the same kind of feeling that I got when A. bounced around after his birth, or when Jen and I would go running last semester (we haven’t been hanging out as much this semester, but I just texted her because writing about glow-y feelings made me miss her), or when I’m hanging out with Scott and Emily. I’m so in love with all of them.

(I kid you not, this is what my friend looked like. He was even wearing the hat.)


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      • Also, circumcision rates have declined significantly, so it might be the new norm by the time your imaginary son grows up and most women his age won’t share that preference.

      • Incidentally, I do agree – I hope I never have a son so I never have to make that decision. I just don’t think aesthetics are a relevant consideration.

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