Full Friday


Today pretty much ruled. It was my first real day on the L&D unit, and I got to see a birth! It was the only birth of the day, so it felt pretty shiny, and the mom was incredible. It’s a very different experience attending a birth as a nursing student instead of a doula- I felt like I was much more of an outsider- normally I’m part of the mom’s space, and she wants me there, and I’m there for her, to support her, but today it was about watching more than anything else- I mostly kept quiet and just observed. It was kind of a perfect birth actually- the mom had the best epidural I’ve ever seen, and the pushing went really well (and quickly!), and then there was this beautiful little baby. I’ve seen four births now (and they’re all been girls), but it never fails to choke me up- it’s honestly the most beautiful, incredible thing in the world, even from my outsider’s perspective (it’s more special when you’re a doula, and connected to the mom, but I still almost cried today when the baby was born, it was just lovely). I got to do the newborn assessment, and give the eye prophylaxis, and vitamin K shot, which were fairly atraumatic (for me as well as the baby, who barely cried), and even though I know it’s reflexive, I love how babies grab onto your finger- it’s just about the sweetest thing ever (followed by a cat resting its head on you and falling asleep. I’m a sucker for trusting gestures). I know not every day will be like today, but so far I love my OB rotation.

After clinical I came home and crashed for a few hours, then cleaned up the apartment. I’ve been slacking in that department lately, so it felt nice to straighten up a bit- it’s a small apartment, so a little mess can get out of hand pretty quickly. My friends Scott and Judy invited me out to dinner, so they came by around 7:00, and we went out to Towson for sushi (there was some song and dance about going somewhere else, but Scott and I are both always in the mood for sushi, so it was a foregone conclusion). I hadn’t seen Scott and Judy in ages, so it was really nice to catch up, and we talked a lot about job searching, and cats, and Hopkins’ current scandal (which is very sad, and pretty disturbing). I spent so much time thinking I hated sushi, when in fact it’s so darn good! We always order too much (especially since we also get seaweed salads, which are one of my favorite foods), so I actually have some leftovers in the fridge now, which I think will make a nice breakfast tomorrow (it isn’t a traditional breakfast food, but it’s healthier than pancakes).

Now I’m settled in for the night, pajamas, on, good book at the ready for a bit of reading before bed. It would’ve been hard to have a better Friday than the one I had.


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