I need more dancing in my life. I might actually go again this weekend, if I have time, and can justify the expense (I’m already not grocery shopping this week because I registered for an obstacle race next month), and feel comfortable accepting a ride with a guy from the dance (he’s well into middle age, but that doesn’t mean anything. Just because I don’t think of people my parents’ age as dating material doesn’t mean they don’t think of me that way, and he’s huggy, and kisses me on the cheek, so I’m not sure about this one). I had a great dance night though, even though I had to leave early since tomorrow is my first day of Labor & Delivery clinical. (!)

I was going to write more about how I love to dance, and then I saw this. I sometimes wonder if I’m missing some essential romance piece, especially when I haven’t felt drawn to anyone in a long time, but I’m a sucker for this kind of thing (I almost teared up at #41). That and watching a bunch of birth videos in L&D lecture has me all longing.



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