Don’t call me contra


I left the dance early tonight because my back was sore, but it was still a great time, AND there were more free onions. Truly Wednesdays make up for Tuesdays. I’ve heard really good things about the dances in Rochester, which is good, because I’ve kind of sort of decided to move there next year (provided I can get a job), and I want to keep dancing. With any luck the Rochester dances will be a younger crowd, and I’ll get a dance-y boyfriend, but I also love dancing with old guys, so there’s no losing outcome here. It’s kind of nice having a plan, and I feel pretty good about my Rochester decision (it’s close to home, but not so close that I’ll be tripping over high school classmates, and I’ll be able to see my family for the occasional Sunday dinner), but now that I know what I want I need to actively make it happen, which means contacting hospitals. It’s all well and good saying I want to live in such and such neighborhood, but right now it’s just a daydream, and daydreaming about Rochester feels weird- New York maybe, but Rochester? It’s what I want though, for several frivolous reasons (Carbon Leaf plays there when they’re in Western NY, and it’s close enough to Buffalo that I can go see shows there if someone awesome comes through (Great Big Sea is playing in Buffalo in April, and I’m seriously tempted to go up to see them. There’s also the potential to see Carbon Leaf multiple times in the same week because last time they were in WNY they played both cities but no one wanted to drive out to see them twice in two days with me), the bars will probably play Sabres games, and I’ll be close enough to maybe go to a game if I have time/money, I like lilacs, and Rochester has a whole Lilac Festival, someone once told me they got their toller from a breeder near Rochester- the reasons are endless), as well as two good ones- proximity to family, and (supposedly) good opportunities for new nursing grads.

Earlier today I thought I would give my TOMS new life by dyeing them using my pomegranate tea (it’s a lovely pink, but too sweet- I like my tea as bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword). I thought it would work, but instead they’re just beyond saving. I’ve had them for a couple of years, and they’ve served me pretty well, but now they’re tired, so it’s with a heavy heart that I’m retiring them (i.e. throwing them away).


I’d like to get another pair, but I’m not sure when that’ll happen since they’re mad expensive. There are all kinds of things that I’m living without and not experiencing any great hardship (new TOMS, a food processor, a toaster, a car/bicycle (though I wish I had one or the other, since my clinical group is going into a high school tomorrow to talk to the students about good nutrition and it’s in a bad neighborhood but no one can give me a ride. I’ve been told that wearing scrubs and a stethoscope marks you as someone who is there to help, so I’m hoping to get in and out unmolested, but it’s irritating, and I’m slightly nervous), and a microwave all spring to mind, but I would like to have these things eventually, once I have an income. I have all the debt, but I can also kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I should at some point have money that I can spend on things like $58 mesh shoes.

Next week is Mardi Gras, and I’ve decided to make something Cajun-y to celebrate. I haven’t been cooking this week, and so I’ve been living off of popcorn, which is officially gross and not cutting it. I know I want to use okra, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Gumbo? Etouffee? Red beans and rice? Jambalaya? I haven’t decided, but there are lots of options, and now I really want a catfish po boy. And beignets.


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