The last supper


I hosted what I expect will be my last dinner party of nursing school last night, and I don’t think it would be an overstatement to say it was a resounding success. I never get sick of how much I love my Baltimore friends, and watching them all converge on the parking lot behind my apartment at exactly 6:00 last night was pretty terrific (ok, not all of them, but Scott and Emily, and Scott and Judy, and Jen. I only have six chairs). Everyone got along really well, and we were having a great time hanging out in the kitchen while I finished off a couple of things for the dinner when something awesome happened- my roommate came downstairs on her way out, and everyone in the room gave her a look of absolute disdain. It was totally unplanned, and just perfect- she made a point of not looking anyone in the eye, and looked like she wished she could sink through the floor. I learned a long time ago that you can’t expect your friends to hate the people you hate, but it’s kind of nice when they do on their own.

Roast chicken always takes a million years, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when one of the Scotts cut it open and revealed that it wasn’t done (As soon as I took the chicken out of the oven I regretted roasting an entire chicken for the plain reason that I can’t carve. I probably could if I had to, but I didn’t want to try in front of an audience, and I felt funny asking everyone to leave the room. This is just one of many reasons I love having grown-up men friends though, because Scott (Emily’s Scott) stepped right up and did it for me). The top was good though, and because everything else was ready and people were hungry he just carved that part and the rest went back in the oven for another hour. The chicken that was cooked was really good though, and people had all kinds of nice things to say about the quinoa, and the brussels sprouts too, so I felt very appreciated. I love cooking for an audience. People were also very excited about the chicken grease bread, which I thought came out unusually well, I think because I layered it in a shorter but deeper pan than I would normally use. In the past when I’ve used this technique some of the bread extends beyond the chicken and burns, but this way everything got nice and chicken-y, and toasted but didn’t blacken.

Jen stayed after everyone else had left and helped me clean up the kitchen. Usually it would take ages, but she’s a very efficient dishwasher, and we were done in about half an hour, with all the food and dishes put away, and the only signs that there had been a dinner party were the empty bottles and plentiful leftovers (and an almost overwhelming sense of well-being that I almost never feel in my apartment).

On a similar I-love-my-friends note, I have been invited to play D&D for the first time, and while I’m excited, I’m also a little overwhelmed. It sounds fun, and I know lots of cool people who love D&D, but I’m not sure that I’ll be very good at a game that sounds extremely complicated. Honestly though, I’d hang out with my friends if they were watching paint dry, and I trust them to know what’s fun, so I think it’ll be a good time. Besides, I’ve gone as a Firefly character for multiple Halloweens, I can quote Buffy until I’m blue in the face, God only knows how many times I’ve read Harry Potter, and I’ve given extensive thought to who I’d date if I lived in the Marvel Universe (usually Sunspot, but The Avengers really brought me around to Bruce Banner)- it was only a matter of time until I got into D&D.


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