A breath of fresh air


I actually took pictures of my food today! Not all of it, but some.

005I had a flatbread with hummus (store-bought, and not that good, but not terrible), two clementines, and tea. I’ve decided to drink out of teacup with a saucer more often- it makes me feel very civilized.

006Trader Joe’s goat cheese and sundried tomato ravioli, sauteed (a little too sauteed in the case of the second from the right on the bottom), on top of a bed of kale. I had a jam jar of wine, but when I took a sip it made me cough, and I don’t think it’s good anymore (I opened it last weekend), so I poured it out and had water instead. Dessert consisted of blackberries and a spoonful of crunchy cookie butter (it’s good, but the crunch comes from crisped rice, and not cookie bits as I had hoped).

I’m inside a lot. It’s winter, and cold (not so cold in Maryland, but certainly not warm), but I need occasional fresh air and vitamin D, and so I was thrilled when my friends Emily and Scott invited me on a hike today. We went out to Loch Raven Reservoir and had a nice hike/walk (does it count as hiking if you wear the same shoes you wear every day?), and briefly forgot that we live in a city. Just being surrounded by trees felt wonderful, and we basked in the sun, and scrambled on some rocks, and had a great time. Of course, it’s always a great time with Emily and Scott (midway through our hike they had to pause for a hug break- I want to be married if it’s like their marriage), but it was extra nice because I really need to get outside more. It’s peaceful, and I can’t pass up any opportunity for peace.

After our hike we went to Trader Joe’s, but to my grave disappointment they didn’t have any pork bao- only shrimp, which I can’t eat (shellfish allergy). They had lots of other delicious things though (including crunchy cookie butter), and so I was able to do some fun grocery shopping. I love Trader Joe’s so much. I bought blackberries, and frozen pineapple, and cage-free eggs, and twiggy cereal (I had just run out, so it was good timing). It would have been a week’s worth of shopping for about the same that I pay at Safeway (and with way more interesting foods), but I have decided to have a dinner on Wednesday night, so I’ll have to do a little more shopping.

Someone came to see my room today, and she seems pretty interested, so I might be able to move soon. If that’s the case, I need to sell my table (my friends offered to store it for me, but they aren’t positive they have room, and I don’t want to take up a bunch of their space. Plus I could use the money), and I want to have people over for a last hurrah dinner. With that in mind, what should I serve? I was thinking I’d roast a chicken (on top of stale bread, so it soaks up the drippings and gets all chicken-y and delicious), but is that boring? What sides should I do? What about beverages (I made iced tea for my last dinner party, but that was during the summer, and I’m inviting real adults to this dinner, not just nursing students. It’s a school night, but I feel like I should have beer or wine to offer)? If you were hosting your last dinner party (not ever, but your last for a long time), and you wanted to keep things affordable, what would you serve?


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I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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  1. Roast chicken is an excellent option. It’s cheap, and people find it, if not necessarily novel, then certainly enjoyable. With it I might have pumpkin orzo, which can also double as a main dish if you have any vegetarians, and probably a kale salad.

    I think it’s a good idea to buy a bottle of wine, but you needn’t go overboard. The odds are good that people will bring something – at least, that’s how people in our social circle operate for the most part, and I think it’s good form.

    • Red with chicken? And it probably isn’t a bad idea to get beer, so I can offer it to people who help me move (I’m unlikely to drink it myself during the week, and with any luck I’ll move next weekend). Pumpkin orzo sounds good! What should I do for dessert?

      • dessert, that’s my area of expertise! do you still have cocoa? anything chocolate is always a hit, unless you have a guest with an allergy. it’s ideal for winter dinners, plus the inredient lists are short. Hot fudge pudding cake is great although sort of homely, ditto brownies (although that’s not very exciting for a dinner party) or a chocolate truffle tart if you want to get swank. that has a short ingredient list, plus you can show off your pastry making skills. how many are in your party?

      • Traditionalists say white with chicken, but I say get whichever you prefer to drink. And hey, although LCA is spot-on about chocolate, if Meyer lemons are available there, as they currently are here, that might be fun too.

      • Well I don’t really like wine, so I’d mostly be buying it for Scott and Judy, and I think Scott is mostly a beer drinker. I’ll look for Meyer lemons, but I haven’t seen them.

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