So this is the new year


I will be very sorry for every late morning wake-up I’ve had this break tomorrow when I’m standing at the bus stop at 7:00, but sleeping until 10:30 this morning was pretty nice.

When I think about my hopes for 2013 I think about working as a nurse, and finding a new place to live (hopefully several new places actually- I’m doing my best to get out of my current lease, and then I’m moving again this summer. Baltimore is great, and I’ve been happier here than just about everywhere else I’ve lived, but you can’t stay still and wish time would freeze on a particular happy moment. When my program is over the spell will be broken, and trying to prolong the inevitable doesn’t work), and putting my new found friend making skills to good use. My aunt was saying the other day that 2011 was the year of celebrations (graduations and weddings), 2012 was a year of transition, and 2013 will be a year of personal growth. I could see that. I could use some personal growth.


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