I have been holed up like a hermit in my parents’ house and it’s been great. I’m not sure I want to go back to Baltimore. I love my life there, but I have to work hard all the time, and there are horrible roommates, and here there are family game nights, and kittens. Yes, I said kittens  . I thrive on chaos, and I somehow managed to convince my parents to adopt two little black kittens, and now I never want to leave.



They’re named Jinx and 13, and I’m utterly smitten with them. They only stop romping for about an hour a day, but when they do they like cuddles. My mom’s cat isn’t thrilled about the new additions, but she’ll come around- we kind of got the kittens for her since she’s been so lonely since Lancaster died.


I’ll be sorry when I have to go home where there aren’t any cats.

Otherwise things are pleasantly uneventful. I had a nice Christmas, with snow, and Muppets, and presents, and nice food, and lots of family time, and a nice Boxing Day with kittens and the Big Pink Hall of Fame.





(Last year’s class. My sister drew the portrait.)

People are clearing out unusually early this year- my paternal grandparents left town this morning, my sister and brother-in-law are going tonight. I’m heading out on Sunday, but there will be plenty of hijinks between now and then.


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