I had one job for today- just one, and I didn’t do it. Instead I had a lovely day and accomplished a bunch of other things.

My friend Jen and I went Christmas shopping in Hamden today, and it was great. If I stay in Baltimore next year I’d love to live in that area (though maybe not on 34th St since you’re required as part of your lease to decorate for the holidays). We hit several incredible antique and thrift stores, and they were treasure troves of awesome. I wish I had a job, and a more permanent home to decorate, because I saw all kinds of wonderful things that I wanted. My favorite item of the day was a 1948 stand mixer, still in working condition, that cost $25. That’s nothing! I was so close to getting it, but I didn’t and I’m kind of sorry. It was super cool. There were other things too, like a long (like maybe four or five feet) framed photo of a 1920’s bathing beauties parade, and fun chocolate molds, and a first edition of In Cold Blood, but I was strong and only shopped for other people. It was a great morning though, and then we stopped in at a coffee shop for lunch. I want to hang out in Hamden all the time- it’s full of men with beards, and there were Christmas carolers, and more consignment stores that we didn’t get to.

After our shopping outing I went on a prenatal, which was awkward because I’m going to be out of town on the mom’s due date. She seems great, and I’d love to be at her birth, but she’s due practically on Christmas. I’m hoping she’ll be late though, since she’s a first time mom, and I’ll get to be there, but I don’t think she’ll be happy if she’s still pregnant when I get back to Baltimore. Birth companions is so great. Last night at the party we were all talking about the best parts of this past semester and it didn’t even occur to me, but it has certainly been a highlight.



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