A bold move


I have felt nauseous all week, especially after eating, which I haven’t really been doing because I’ve coincidentally also had zero-appetite. At first I thought it was cramps (I’ve also been exhausted, which supported my cramps theory), but then it never really went away, and then all of my lymph nodes began to feel really sore so I just figured I was dying and called it a day. Describing it makes it sound worse than its been, and I’ve mostly ignored not feeling very well, only thinking about it at the end of the day when I realized how little I’ve eaten (and how much I usually eat- my goodness I eat a lot!), or when I ate out of habit and immediately regretted it because I then felt terrible. I wondered vaguely if it was the emergence of a food allergy or intolerance (possible candidates were sugar and gluten, but I felt equally awful no matter what I ate, so those cherished ingredients are safe for now), or mono, an ear infection, or even an ulcer, but then I decided that I didn’t really care and it would resolve itself. It’s finals time, and I have bigger fish to fry, and I’m running close to normal without really eating (I’m not going to the gym, but I’m not sure if I can blame that on my exciting new no-food diet since I’m terrible about going under normal circumstances), so I decided to just go with it and live off of tea until things either went back to normal or got worse. Things were actually clicking along reasonably well, and while I didn’t love my new lifestyle (I really like eating) it was allowing me to do the things I needed to do, but then my friend Scott called and invited me out to dinner and that plan no longer worked.

Because I’ve been rolling over and letting my stomach boss me around I wasn’t sure how it would respond to eating a normal meal, and I felt more than a little nervous when Scott suggested sushi (which we both love). It’s delicious stuff, but not exactly gentle on a rocky stomach, and he was very hungry, so he ordered four rolls for the two of us. And seaweed salads (I know I could’ve spoken up and mentioned not feeling well, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to have a nice evening out to celebrate the end of the semester (and my good grade on my psych nursing final)). The food came, and I gamely tucked in, willing myself to be able to eat. To my great relief, sushi somehow made it onto the Acceptable Foods List that I didn’t know even existed, and while my stomach wasn’t happy it did allow me to have some dinner. We ordered way too much food, and the waitress kept bringing more, which was overwhelming, but despite the odds it was a nice meal.

I wish the moral of the story was that Magic Sushi cured my mystery ailment, but I still feel kind of rotten (though I doubt I have an ulcer). I had a pleasant evening out though, which counts for something. Sometimes you just have to take the good where you can get it.


About turntowardsthesun

I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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