Already past


I had two big scary things this week, and you know what? I survived them both. I’m on the other side of my Research presentation and psych final, and they weren’t even that bad (knock on wood). This is very encouraging. I have three finals to go, and while there’s a lot of hard work between me and my Carbon Leaf concert on the 18th, I know I’ll get there.

My clinical instructor gave us the day off today, so instead of waking up at 5:00 this morning and waiting for the bus in the cold dark  I got to sleep in and ease into my Day of Studying. There will also be gym-going, and maybe some candy-making (I’m giving candy to my friends and instructors, but it turns out that I like a lot of people and so will probably have to make three batches of toffee since it’s the big mover so far). I may also cave and go back to my original plan of making peppermint bark, just for some variety.

Because I didn’t have to get up early I was able to go to contra dancing for the first time in forever last night, and it was wonderful. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I went back. The people are so nice, and several of my favorite partners were really sweet, and filled up my dance card the whole night. I felt a little out of practice waltzing, but I still had a great time, and left feeling terrific. Finals conflicts mean I won’t be back until the new year, but last night was a great boost to get me through my tests.

Speaking of tests, my study group has somehow become the hottest group in school, because we’ve had to turn people away all week. It actually makes me pretty uncomfortable (we’ve been turning away a lot of my friends, and by “we” I mean my study buddies, since they’ve figured out that I won’t tell anyone that they can’t join us), but I understand why we need to keep our group small. We’re going to have to break up next semester since 1/3 of our group switched programs and so won’t be in any of the same classes, so I’m glad we’re keeping things simple for our last big study push as a team. We should make commemorative t-shirts or something.


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