How sweet it is


There are some people who just make you feel good– every time I hang out with Emily and Scott I walk away feeling like one hundred dollars.

I had low expectations for the day, but things actually turned out beautifully, despite my weird determination to be in a petulant sulk. I was supposed to meet my study buddies at school at 10:30, but while I was waiting for the bus my eyes strayed to a sign across the street.

016A holiday craft fair! I went to one last winter while I was living in Buffalo and it was terrific- I didn’t buy too many presents, but I received a lot of things that my mom observed me lusting after, so I couldn’t help but wonder if this fair might also have pretty things. I hemmed and hawed for a bit, since going to the crafts fair would mean missing my bus, but in the end curiosity won out and I went. It was well worth it too- there were indeed many pretty items.


003002005004007008006Sadly, everything cost a million dollars, so I didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to look (some of the pictures link to the artists who made the stuff, but not everyone had a website).

I eventually made it to school and studied with my friends Sam and Suzanne for a couple of hours before taking a quick break to do a prenatal with one of my Birth Companion moms. It was our first time meeting, but I think we hit it off well, and I’m really hoping to make it to her birth (she’s due on New Years Eve). I’m not sure she really needs a birth companion, since she has about ten people she’d like to have with her in the delivery room, but she wants one so I’ll do my best to be there.

Despite my best efforts I really did not get very much studying done today. I went back to Sam and Suzanne after the prenatal, and we did another couple of hours, but then I had to leave to work on my Research project, which was a huge hassle. Group projects do not work, and group projects that include presentations seem to inevitably include skits, which I absolutely hate. As a twist, instead of doing an in-person skit we made a movie, but it still felt like an aggravating waste of time. There were egos, and yelling, and the one person who absolutely refuses to participate because they’re just too dignified, but we wound up with a decent short film about me killing my patient through ineptitude and lack of intra-hospital transfer protocols (there was an earlier version where I got slapped, but that was edited out).

Sam and Suzanne had mentioned going to a tree lighting and boat parade thing this evening, and so as our motivation waned we decided to walk down and check it out. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect (Sam told me it was lighting boats on fire, and while that didn’t seem safe I believed him for a good long while before he admitted that he was kidding), but it sounded festive and I was in the mood for some holiday cheer. We arrived just in time to miss the tree lighting, but it was still pretty.

021It wasn’t an actual tree for some reason, but it was still pretty.

There was a good-sized crowd around, and I totally lost my heart to this little peanut.

018Isn’t she sweet? I wanted to steal her (we could have gone as The Grinch and Max for Halloween because I would have stolen Christmas!), but then I would have had to flee the scene and I wanted to stay for the boat parade. It was a tough call, but I’m glad I stayed, because it was pretty awesome. There were tons of boats, and they were all lit up with holiday decorations.

023031027It was quite a sight.

It isn’t cold in Baltimore, but after sitting on a pier for about an hour my friends and I were ready to warm up with a drink and some dinner, so we headed over to The Waterfront Hotel (aka WTF). There was a band playing, and it was only moderately crowded, but we weren’t all able to get a table together (my friends Emily and Scott had joined us, as well as two girls from our program who live in Suzanne’s building, and Sam’s girlfriend, so we were a pretty big party). We did get tables that were next to each other though, and so we were not at all lonely. I didn’t take a picture, but I ordered a delicious black and blue burger, and a slightly less delicious, but not bad Natty Boh (part of being a poor student is drinking cheap beer). Natty Beau was there himself actually, and so I took his picture with Suzanne.

033(It’s dark, but we were in a dark bar and I was taking pictures with my phone (which I thought had a flash, but I don’t know how to make it work).)

It isn’t even in the top twenty things I love about spending time with Scott and Emily, but it is nice that when we go out together I automatically have a ride home. Even just riding in the car with them is fun- we danced in our seats, and joked, and had a grand old time. They’re two of the most comfortable people I know, and I really adore spending time with them.

I wish there were more Christmas shows and movies available on Instant Netflix (there are about a million made for tv movies about puppies, but none that I want to watch), but I’m muddling through somehow. My apartment is in a warm-as-toast phase at the moment (as opposed to last night, when it was freezing), and I’m pleasantly sleepy after a nice busy day.


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