Almost there!


I have less than two weeks of classes left (before finals, not before break). Where did this semester go? It seems like the summer just ended! I’m looking forward to the break, and I’m really looking forward to next semester (pediatrics and l&d clinical rotations!), but this is all going really fast. I’m not ready for the semester to be over- I have too many moms who either need to give birth this week or hold it until I get back from winter break.

It’s a little late, but I had a very nice Thanksgiving in Buffalo, filled with good food, and great people.

My dad bought these purple sunglasses on a recent trip to Florida. He loves them, but…

Of course after I pointed this out I was treated to four days of being serenaded with “Crocodile Rock”.

We also went to the Falls, which is always fun.

I did a bunch of cooking for the week last night, and now I have enough food to last me at least until Wednesday.

Mashed turnips with kale, brussels sprouts with apples, and a pomegranate. I also made a turkey meatloaf, but while it’s tasty (…in a way), it is not photogenic.

This is my new favorite snack- popcorn with sriracha. It’s roughly a million times more delicious than buttered popcorn, and I’m about to go make some right now.


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