Midwife stuff


I have two prenatal visits this week, and at least one mom ready to go at any minute. Have I mentioned lately how glad I am to be a birth companion? School is great, and I’m wicked busy (most of the time- I’ve been deliciously lazy all week), but getting to go to births is the cherry on top of what has so far been an incredible year.

I was sorry to have to leave Buffalo yesterday, but my consolation prize was getting to hang out with my friends and watch Call The Midwife. We had been talking about it for months, and I didn’t think  it was ever going to happen, so I watched it all on my own, but yesterday things came together. My friend Judy put out and open invitation, but it wound up only being three of us, which made things very intimate and nice. We ate homemade pizza, and leftover Thanksgiving pie, and talked about our birth companion experiences. I know my future is going to be full of evenings of food and birth stories, but that doesn’t make them any less special. Even watching Call The Midwife, which I’ve already seen and loved, was enhanced because I was watching with other birth enthusiasts.

It’s so hot in my apartment right now that I’m sitting around in shorts, and my coconut oil is in its liquid state. I’ve done laundry, and cleaned the bathroom, and now I’m bored and ready for school to start again tomorrow. Breaks are lovely, but I want to be back on schedule.


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