What a week!


I am Burned. Out. Test on Monday, project due Tuesday, and another test today. Of course I have another test and a paper due on Monday, but after that I get to go home for Thanksgiving! I can push a little longer. I’m tired, and I’ve officially spent too much time with my study buddies (we spent eight hours together yesterday. EIGHT. On a Tuesday, which are my relaxing, sleep-gym-Gossip-Girl days (my first class isn’t until 1:30, but the teacher put the lecture online, so we studied all day. Just sitting around a table, talking about antibiotics, trying to come up with good mnemonics- by the end we were so squirrel-y and cranky we could barely sit still), but the end is in sight.

After my test this morning one of my birth companion moms texted me to let me know she’s having contractions. I really like this mom, and this is as close to perfect timing as we’re going to get, so that’s great. It’s early, so it might stop, but I’m waiting by the phone. On a related note, another one of my moms is also likely delivering today, so that’s interesting timing-wise. This kind of makes my decision to sign up for lots of moms who are all due around the same time (and around a holiday when I’ll be out of town) seem less than wise, but I’m going with it. Either way, I’m hoping for some exciting birth action tonight.



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