Setting them up and knocking them down


School is busy busy busy these days, and it isn’t going to slow down until Thanksgiving. I’ve had two tests this week, I have another two next week, and one more the week after that, plus a group project and a smattering of papers- they really want us to earn our break and be truly grateful for those couple of days of peace and turkey.

I just registered for next semester’s classes today, and while it wasn’t perfect (I really, really wanted to do my Public Health clinical in a prison, but that was just too popular an item and filled instantly), it wasn’t terrible either (I got my desired Labor and Delivery site-lots of midwives!). These things are funny though, since you never know what you’re really going to get. My Adult Health 1 site was very coveted, but it wasn’t actually that great, so just because something is a hot ticket item doesn’t mean it will be a good experience. I’ll learn no matter where I go, but I’m glad I was able to avoid the pediatric burn unit- it was the only floor I 100% knew I didn’t want.

My first Birth Companions mom called last night (because it was the night before a test and I had lots of studying to do), but it was a bit of a letdown. She already had lots of support, and it was a little crowded in the room, so she asked me to leave after about half and hour, which was completely understandable. It wasn’t quite what I was hoping for, but given the circumstances I think it was for the best- she didn’t want me, I didn’t feel particularly helpful, and I had other things I needed to do. There will be other moms. If things work out I’ll spend the rest of my life at laboring women’s beck and call, so I can deal with this minor setback. If nothing else it was good practice getting to the hospital, and now I know how much a cab costs from my apartment ($10).

We might get snow tonight, and it’s darn cold, so I finally bit the bullet and renewed my gym membership. The darkness has been a major deterrent to working out, and now I’ll have one less excuse. It’s alternately freezing and pleasant in my apartment, and right now it’s bitter, little match girl cold, which is making it hard to come out from under the covers and change into my workout clothes to then run to the gym and workout, but it could happen! You never know!


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