Puff puff pass


I absolutely adore my friends, and I’ll be very sorry when we all graduate and are scattered. I wasn’t looking forward to spending the day cooped up studying old people, but we actually had fun.

My friend Sam is entirely delightful. I spent half the summer wishing I could make friends with the boys in my class, but I never approached them so it never happened. I don’t know how Sam and I came to be friends (I never know where my friends come from, they just seem to appear), but I’m very glad we are. He calls me by my last name, which I love because it’s so English-school-for-boys, and he makes me feel funny, and smart. Today he provided our study group with all kinds of lovely snacks, including a not-delicious raw granola bar (we all agreed it was less than tasty so I don’t feel bad saying it), and fig newtons, and then in a very generous twist, he even shared his burrito. There we were, sitting around studying aging adults and passing around a massive burrito. One person would answer a question, take a bite, and then pass it on, and it was absolutely cozy and friendly and nice (and inspired this post’s title). Sam’s girlfriend sounds equally pleasant- she’s a civil rights lawyer, and specializes in human trafficking, and I’d love to meet her. It’s tempting to throw a dinner party, especially since my roommate situation has settled somewhat (we hung out during the storm and got drunk. It took several months, and lots of discomfort, but I think we’re headed towards a more ok place. They actually invited me to a bar tonight! As long as everyone is drinking we get along). Sam at least is vegetarian, which is tiresome, since meat is kind of a special occasion food around here, so a dinner party ought to provide a good excuse to break into my (fortunately untouched by Hurricane Sandy) supply of frozen Costco meats, but I would be willing to overlook that if it means having lots of jolly people over for fun times. I don’t know when I’ll find a second to throw a party between now and the end of the semester, but it would be nice- having so many nice people in my life makes me want to throw parties so I can see them when we aren’t talking about incontinence and pressure ulcers.

My prenatal this morning went very well. There were transportation issues and I wound up taking a cab, but the mother was very pleasant. I’d like to be there for her birth, but the thing about this program is that there have to be multiple birth companions assigned to each mother since our schedules are crazy, but people get a little territorial. The experienced companions want their $12/hour, and the new people want to see a birth because it’s required to pass the class, so unless you’re dropping from exhaustion or need to leave to take a test people tend to stick it out until the end, and I’m the #3 companion for this mother, so I doubt I’ll get to be there. I’d like to be, because we seemed to click well, and she has a laidback attitude that I think I’d appreciate, but I’m not getting my hopes up. (The other companion at the visit today was 100% sweet as pie and actually loaned me the money for my cab fare because I didn’t have any cash, so I’m not criticizing anyone. She simply said she was planning on taking the lead with this mom, and it was her second time meeting her while it was only my first, so I understand where she’s coming from.) I have another prenatal with another mom tomorrow evening, so there will be plenty of opportunities for me to see a birth. I’m signed up for eight moms- I’ll get to see a birth eventually.

I have another big day tomorrow, so I’m heading off to bed. The weekends are entirely too short.


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