Call the Midwife!


PBS is the jam. I’ve been excited to watch Call the Midwife for months, but for some reason I held off until last night. I want to live in old-timey England. I want to hang out with the Berie Woosters and Linda Radletts, and Mary Crawleys (they aren’t all from quite the same generation, but I’m sure they’d get along at a party, particularly if there was an open bar). Call the Midwife slips right into that wheelhouse, and while it seems that everyone who watches the show agrees, making this an unoriginal observation, I adore the character of Chummy. She’s a terrific Hon, and seems like just the kind of awkward midwife I’ll be (I 100% feel her dating-shyness. Yesterday my friends were teasing me about a male nurse I was shadowing and I got very flustered. He wasn’t particularly attractive, and I’m a very poor judge of men’s ages, so I don’t know how old he was even, but they claimed he was flirting with me and it made me all embarrassed today on the floor. They meant it in fun, but I’m much too neurotic for that kind of gentle ribbing). We both mean well though, so people forgive us for being klutzy weirdos (most of the time).

Speaking of midwifery, I have two prenatal appointments this weekend! I’ve bitten off a large mouthful as far as Birth Companions (even though I rarely mention it on the blog. Nothing’s happened yet, so there’s nothing to report), and now I have several moms due in the near future (I had one who was due this week, so it could be any day now. Stupid rainy days off from school messed up my testing schedule though- this upcoming week was supposed to be a test-free oasis, but now I have two make-ups, and then it’s the pre-Thanksgiving test cascade. I am going to be very, very busy. As such, this weekend isn’t going to be particularly restful. I have an appointment tomorrow morning, and then I agreed to an all-day marathon study event (I adore my study buddies, but they’re always peer-pressuring me to do schoolwork. Don’t they know I have planking around to do?). Sunday is relatively open until the evening when I have my second appointment, but that just means I have to work independently and do all those little things that functional adults do, like cook, and clean, and do laundry. I feel tired just thinking about it- those days off seem like an awful long time ago.

I’ve been reading a lot of Bluebird Vintage lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that my life is insufficiently twee. I drifted off to sleep last night thinking about how pleasant it would be to raise chickens, and homeschool my long-haired hipster kids. We would bake, and make crafts, and go for hikes for science class, and read out loud every night. I pictured family picnics, and rainy days spent in front of our wood-burning stove, telling stories, sipping herbal tea, and eating homemade apple cider doughnuts. It was on this train of thought that I had an idea I actually really like- my dad is always saying that my generation doesn’t know how to watch movies. We watch on our laptops, with Facebook open, or we pause and come back later, and that’s apparently a big character flaw, I don’t know. Anyway, I had the idea that instead of buying a tv I could buy a projector, and just keep one wall in the living room empty so that whenever I watched something it would be an Experience, and I would focus on it. Sadly, projectors are wicked expensive, but I still think it’s a good idea. It would certainly make streaming reruns of Grey’s Anatomy feel more exciting.


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