Stormy weather


School was cancelled again today (even though it’s barely even raining at this point), but I’m happy to curl up under the covers with some nursing homework, so no complaints here.

Sandy was mostly talk in Baltimore as far as I can tell- we had wind and rain, but mostly what we had was an excuse to plank around and use stuff in the freezer in case we lost power (which we didn’t). My roommates actually invited me to go with them to the store yesterday, so I bought some candles (they were out of emergency candles so I was extra glad we didn’t lose power because our apartment would have stunk to high heaven if we had to use the scented ones for light), glowsticks, and more importantly, wine (for making beef stew) and beer.

I’ve had the Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA before, but it was my first time trying The Fear. I like pumpkin beers, but this wasn’t particularly pumpkin-y. It was good though, and worked well with all the chocolate and beef stew I was eating.

The stew was exciting-I had been planning on making it for a dinner party, but the storm pushed that up a bit (I invited some friends over, but no one felt like coming through the rain). I didn’t really follow any particular recipe, but I browned the meat, and then added onions and baby carrots, wine, beef stock, flour, bay leaves, thyme, salt and pepper, and edamame, and potatoes.

I ladled the stew over kale, and it was delicious.

One interesting thing about my otherwise largely uneventful storm experience was that I actually hung out with my roommates. We went to the store together, and then while I was making the stew they came downstairs to make their dinners, and we all just got to talking. We ended up hanging out for almost three hours, and it was surprisingly pleasant. Granted, I don’t think things would have gone nearly as well if we hadn’t all been drinking, but that’s ok. I don’t know if it’s going to change things in the apartment at all, but we had a pleasant evening of talking, and drinking, and sharing food, and that’s enough for now.

Things will return to normal tomorrow, so I’m trying to soak up every relaxing rainy day moment that I can, while also keeping up with school stuff. It’s working out pretty well- I’m under a blanket with a cup of tea, and An Unquiet Mind (I have to read it for psych class, but at least it isn’t a textbook).


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