Happy Halloween


Tv and movies always make Halloween seem so fun, but I usually find that it’s similar to New Year’s Eve- best when it’s left casual. I loved trick-or-treating, but ever since I aged out of that it’s been a bit of a letdown. I like passing out candy, but I’m not expecting any kids to come knock on my apartment door, so I sort of figured I’d contra dance on the actual day since it’s on a Wednesday and I always dance on Wednesdays, but I didn’t plan on anything more festive than that. Yesterday though, I had an itch to go out and have a few drinks, and be social, and as luck would have it my new-ish friend Alex invited me to a haunted house put on by the Maryland Institute College of Art. I hemmed and hawed, but in the end I chose fun, and put on my Kaylee costume and hopped on the bus (my costume earned me some odd looks- one guy asked me if I worked on cars). I was nervous about hanging out with Alex and his non-nursing friends, but to my absolute delight when I got to the bar it turned out that my friends Emily and Scott were there too, and dressed as Bill and Ted no less! My costume was very well received (a sign that I’ve found a good group of people), and we all decided that if we’re still in Baltimore next year we’ll dress up as the whole crew of Serenity.

I wish I had taken a picture after my hair dried, but you get the idea. It’s decidedly not a “sexy” Halloween costume, but I love it (also I need to clean my mirror. Yikes).

We stayed at the bar for one round, and then walked over to the haunted house. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since the website said there would be nudity, and it was being put on by an art school, but I was happy to be out with friends, so I just went with it. Unfortunately, I’m a big chicken, and it turns out haunted houses scare me. It was standard haunted house stuff- blood, screaming, smoke machines, plus a few artistic touches, like naked women with horses’ heads, and a minotaur on stilts. I didn’t like it because I don’t like being scared, and the people in my group were unimpressed because it was an $8 haunted house that we walked through in ten minutes, but that was not the point- the point was that after the haunted house we went back to the bar, and now I can say I’ve had a successful grown-up Halloween experience. I didn’t even have to stay out late, which was good, since I was wiped out from my early morning and day on the psych ward.

Still no sign of Big Bad Weather, but I broke down and bought a gallon jug of water, just in case, and if things look ominous I’ll fill the tub. I don’t think anything is going to happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Everyone seems to think the storm will hit and classes will be cancelled, but I think that’s a little unrealistic. What’s much more likely is that we’ll have to Brave Irene it through some nasty rain, since Hopkins is notorious for never closing (click the link! It’s Al Gore reading Brave Irene!).

On a lighter note, brussels sprouts are amazing and wonderful, and I think I love them more than kale, if that’s even possible. They haven’t had the stalks at the farmer’s market, but I bought a basket last week, and finally got around to cooking them tonight. I cooked them with apples, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup, and they’re so darn tasty I want to eat them for every meal.


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