A storm’s a-comin’!


I’m very lucky to have great friends, but there are still times when I find myself sitting at home nights, wishing I had someone to play with. I have great friends, but we don’t always sync up when it comes to evening fun, and tonight I want to get into Halloween shenanigans and maybe get a little drunk, but my friends are unavailable. I have an offer from a new friend, but I feel a little shy. It won’t stop me from going, but I do wish I had some back-up.

There’s a hurricane brewing, and while I might lose power, and I don’t have any bottled water, I’m more nervous about possibly being trapped with my roommates (they have storm supplies- they went on a special storm prep grocery run. I’m choosing to resent them for not inviting me even though I don’t have a car despite the fact that I doubt I’d have gone, just because I don’t like them so they’re automatically wrong). I’ve weathered storms before, so I’m not worried about the weather. We had lots of big scary storms over the summer, and I grew up in Buffalo, home of storms, so I think I can handle what’s coming (especially since it might just be some rain. Or nothing), but I mostly get by by avoiding them, and that will be difficult if we’re thrown together by extreme weather. I also have lots of food in the freezer, and I’ll be sad if we lose power and I have to find a way to cook like ten pounds of meat. It would be a fun premise for a party, but I’m not sure people will be leaving their houses so much if things get hairy. I have flashlights though, and an iron will, so I’m sure things will be ok.


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