Rolling back down the hill


I love nursing school- I really do, but it’s kind of killing me. I feel like I’m constantly running to put out academic fires, and while I’m happier here than I’ve been in a long time I also can’t wait for it to be over so I can just be a nurse. I’m learning lots of stuff on how to do that, but I’m really struggling to demonstrate this knowledge on tests. Adult Health may be over, but Research has decided to step up to the plate and kick my ego while it’s down for a bit. I beat Adult Health though, so I know I can lick this too (it doesn’t hurt that there are four tests and they’re only worth 15% of my grade).

Surgeries this week were wicked cool. I don’t want to be a surgical nurse, but it was great seeing some guts. I was primarily there to see what surgical nurses do (it’s a lot of fetching stuff and taking notes) and not to look at guts but they were right there on the table, so I at least got a peek. I shadowed one nurse the whole time, and she was the least sentimental person I think I’ve ever met (she was very nice, but she didn’t have any romantic ideals about nursing). She did tell me all about the nice financial part of nursing though, which is a reassuring thought for a poor student like myself-someday I will make a good living. Of course there will be loans to repay, and these nurses have been working for 20+ years, so they make more than I will, but hopefully in the next…5 years I’ll be able to do fun stuff like see a movie from time to time, or go to Scotland.

I still haven’t talked to the Transitions coordinator, but I’m not too worried. I’d kind of like to go to Boston, and establish a relationship with a hospital there and get a job after graduation, or maybe work in some really rural area, like Appalachia, or go to Alaska. There are lots of things that would make me happy. I do still like the idea of going back to Western New York, but maybe it can wait a little while longer. Part of me is worried that if I just move back I’ll never leave and do all the kickass stuff I had planned, and that led me to spend all the dollars on a fancy schmancy Hopkins nursing degree. I want to do all that stuff, but I feel like it’s almost similar to going for a run- I’ll be glad once I get going, but getting out the door is the hardest part.

Speaking of running, my friend Jen invited me to join her for a run with the Baltimore branch of Back on My Feet tomorrow. I’ve read about Back on My Feet in Runner’s World, and it sounds like a terrific organization (it’s a running club for homeless people). Jen has done it a couple of times and says it’s great, so I’m excited to try it myself.




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