Catching up


I’m done with Adult Health! (Kind of, not really! I still have to have passed the final (which went…ok. I’m hesitant to say more than that since so many of the questions are instinct and not knowledge-driven), and I have two more clinical days, but I’m done with lecture!) After the test the course coordinator kept my clinical group back and told us that our instructor will not be returning (it’s kind of a long story, but she was deemed “not a good fit”), so instead of wrapping up on our infectious diseases floor this week we got to observe surgeries! I’m very excited.

After hearing the good surgery news I came home and lived up to my promise to myself with ice cream and Sherlock. I won’t give anything away, but it was very good. Not quite Scandal in Belgravia good, but very good nonetheless. There may have even been some tears (not that that means much, since you can tell me it looks like rain and my eyes will fill up). It was 100% worth waiting for, and holding off for a special occasion was the right way to go. It’s a little silly after all of these years, but I’ve never gotten over my deep love for British men. French guys look like mice, and my summer working with international teenagers turned me off of Italian guys forever, but my love for the Brits has never wavered. There’s a corner of my mind that would love to take my midwifery show on the road and move to the U.K. and settle down with Martin Freeman.

British men are all hobbits, right?

While I was watching Sherlock my roommate knocked on my (closed) door and asked me to keep my door closed. *major sigh and eyeroll* Both of my roommates have now asked me to keep my door closed at all times because of Flora, and while it’s a little thing I resent it anyway. It just so happens that I don’t like the way their scented candles smell (if I wanted my home to smell like a mall I’d…no, there’s no reason to ever want your home to smell like a mall. A lot of people would disagree with me, but I think most scented candles smell tacky and gross), but I would never ask them to always keep their doors closed. It’s rude, and I’m debating whether I should passive aggressively leave my door open tonight when I go dancing, just to be a jerk. It’s so tempting, but I don’t think I will, more out of a desire to avoid more conversations about how I ruin the apartment than out of maturity.

I have too many awesome options for this Saturday, and I can only do one. Technically I could do two, but I have a pharm test and part of a research project due next week, so I need to accomplish a lot this weekend. It’s hard to make up my mind though! Option #1: Johns Hopkins men’s rugby game (pros: rugby! men’s rugby! I haven’t seen men’s rugby since May, and I love it so! Cons: watching other people have fun while standing on the sidelines). Option #2: free contra dance on Saturday night (pros: dancing! It’s even on a non-school night, so I can stay the whole time AND my friends have said they’ll come, and maybe if they like it they’ll come with me more often! Plus, you never know, there might be cute people I could flirt with (this is also a possibility at the rugby game, though neither is actually likely. There might be cute people, but I’m almost guaranteed to not flirt with them). Cons: I’m already going dancing tonight. How much contra dancing do I really need? Why is all of my free time spent contra dancing? What’s wrong with me?). Option #3: Indian Party at the School of Nursing (pros: I’m not going to lie, this is not my first choice. There’s free dinner, and my friend who invited me said we could wear Indian outfits, but she didn’t say if we have to supply our own, and I don’t have a sari just hanging in my closet waiting for this kind of event. On the other hand, I never hang out with this friend and it would be fun to spend some time together. Cons: It doesn’t sound as fun and tailored to my interests as the other options). My problems are kind of awesome.


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  1. CONTRA DANCING! Always dancing. The body wants to move, and as a dance major I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend the dancing option first.
    Scandal in Belgravia gives me a lot of feelings that are not entirely positive. That’s like Moulin Rouge for me; I decide when it ends. Related: have you seen Elementary yet?

    • I interpreted the end of Scandal in Belgravia my own way, which makes it better (the last part doesn’t really happen, it’s just Sherlock imagining what he would have done).
      The dance is actually NEXT week, so I’m going to the game. They announced tonight that another couple that met at contra dancing is getting married-what is it with these people? Do you know what happened to me tonight? My partner wandered away mid-dance, and then a (probably) 60-something guy told me I looked “foxy” in my top (granted, I did, but still!). Where are all the marriageable young people? What am I missing?

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