What a weekend


I have had a wonderful couple of days, but I’m very glad I don’t have school tomorrow, because I haven’t gotten much studying done at all, and I have two tests this week.

Saturday’s Half-Marathon was my slowest ever, but very fun nevertheless. The Half didn’t start until almost 10:00, but I woke up at 6:00 and had a delicious Trader Joe’s multigrain frozen waffle with a sliced banana and cookie butter (cookie butter was essential pre-race fuel) so I would have plenty of time to digest before running. Traffic was insane because of the races, so even though my parents came down to see me run we didn’t even attempt to meet up beforehand, and I went down to the start with my friend Emily, and her friend (who I’d like to be my friend as well) Sarah on the light rail. We left with plenty of time, so we were able to explore a bit before lining up, and we even dyed our hair orange and purple to show our Baltimore pride.

Emily and Sarah both trained really hard to the Half, so I didn’t stick with them for long, especially because the race opened with a major hill. I quickly settled into a comfortable pace though, and took in the course, and focused on enjoying myself and not worrying about times. I felt pretty good despite my lack of commitment to training, and it was a perfect day for a long run- crisp, and sunny (I got a bit too much sun actually), with enough breeze to feel cool but not cold, but as the race went on I began to lag. There was so much climbing, and I really began to feel it around mile 8, and started taking walking breaks, which is never a good sign. When I was running I was keeping an ok pace, but as my breaks became longer and more frequent I began to get frustrated and bored, until I just wanted it to be over. I had a small kick at the very end, but I still came in with my slowest ever time.

After the race I caught up with Emily and Sarah (who both had amazing times, like total badasses) and we enjoyed some post-race snacks and drinks. I had an incredible barbeque pork sandwich with coleslaw (how did I every eat barbeque sandwiches without coleslaw?), and a Yuengling (the first sip was incredible, but subsequent sips were meh), and we all shared some chips to replenish our salt. The after party seemed fun, but we were cold and tired, so we retired to a sunny spot and looked at an Athletica catalog and just hung out until my parents found us and took us back to Charles Village (which was easier said than done- traffic was still tangled up in mangled up knots).

My parents dropped me off at my apartment to shower, and I had a kind of fun time getting the orange dye out of my hair (I left the bathtub all orange like the Cat in the Hat, but I cleaned it up like a good roommate). I thought I would want a nap, but I didn’t feel very tired, so instead I met back up with my folks and we went to Spirits for a drink, and then to The Helmand for dinner. My parents had never had Afghan food before, but they loved it, and we had a very nice meal (although I was too full for pumpkin cheesecake, which was a shame).

Our friends Scott and Judy were out of town, but they generously invited my parents to stay at their house anyway, and I crashed there too to maximize visiting time. We floundered a bit as far as entertainment, since Scott and Judy don’t really watch tv, and they have lots of videos, but no VHS player, but eventually settled on a weird movie with The Talking Heads that no one except my dad enjoyed (or really watched). It was nice just hanging out with my parents though.

This morning we sprinted through some errands (we got in and out of Ikea in less than half and hour!), and then I spent the afternoon studying at my friend’s house. This weekend has been jam-packed, but it was really lovely, and I’m happy with the way everything went, slow race-time and all. I’m actually really relieved the race is over- I’m going to renew my gym membership tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to shorter runs.


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