Sweet Sunday


Weekends when I have a careplan due are never fun, but I did my best to take what little pleasure I could in between work these past couple of days. On Saturday I dragged my sorry self out of bed at 6:30 to go running with my friend Jen. I wanted to do a medium-length run, so we did my favorite 3-mile loop twice, in record time. It was actually amazing- it wasn’t that long ago that doing it once was more than I could handle, so twice made me feel like a rockstar.

After our run we went to the market, and I introduced Jen to the wonder that is the $1/lb kale guy. It was pretty much love at first sight-I should start asking for a finder’s fee, I’ve sent so much business his way. I bought some kale, a couple of little squashes, cider, and apples (I couldn’t find Cortlands, so I got Mackintosh, which aren’t as good). I briefly considered buying some fancy hummus (they had a chocolate pomegranate flavor that was surprisingly good), but instead I turned up my nose and went home where I made my own. This batch of hummus turned out much better than my last one, probably because I didn’t rely too heavily on the power of my roommate’s magic bullet, and smooshed the chickpeas with a fork before blending them. This batch is nice and smooth, but slightly boring, since I didn’t roast any peppers or garlic, so it just tastes like hummus (I wonder if the fancy hummus people just add orange juice to their awesome orange juice hummus, or if there’s more to it. I’d like to make some myself, but I don’t want to ruin my hummus or waste juice). On a related note, I didn’t cook for this week, so at least until Tuesday I’m going to be living off of hummus- it’s a good thing I have plenty of carrot sticks.

Saturday night my friend Judy (I actually have two- this was Judy of Scott and Judy, but not Scott of Scott and Emily. I need friends with more diverse names) took me out to a terrific dinner at The Helmand– our local Afghan restaurant. I had never had Afghan food before, but I’m a convert, because it’s delicious (I love yogurt-heavy cuisines). We started off with Kaddo Borawni, a baked pumpkin dish that’s served with a garlic yogurt sauce that manages to be sweet and savory, and completely wonderful. Keep an eye out for it in future posts- I’m rethinking my fall dinner party menu. I don’t remember the name of my entree, but it consisted of steamed beef dumplings served over beef and yogurt sauces, and I practically licked the plate clean it was so delicious (there was totally bread-swiping to get as much of the sauce as possible). After our meal we were both pretty full, but when we saw there was pumpkin cheesecake on the dessert menu we found room, and I’m glad we did. Most cheesecakes are heavy, and dense, and I’ll eat them, but then regret it. This was not most cheesecakes. This was light, and airy, and tasted like fall, distilled into a creamy, spicy wedge of awesome. The restaurant was busy, and kind of noisy, and the waitstaff practically threw our plates onto the table, but the meal made it worth it, and I absolutely want to go back.

In between running, and hummus-making, and phenomenal dinners out, I spent a lot of time working on my careplan. After Judy dropped me back at my place I settled in and worked on it until bedtime, and it was around this time that to my absolute delight, my friend Alyssa texted me to ask if I would like to come over to her place on Sunday (now today) to work on our plans together. I can never turn down the chance to see someone’s house, so I of course said yes. We worked on our careplans for hours (mine was 16 pages by the end), with a short break to eat dinner (homemade french fries with beans, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream. Truly this is the kind of friend I want to have), and then watched Gossip Girl, because Alyssa is super awesome and likes the same embarrassing tv shows as me.

All in all, things are good. School remains overwhelming and scary, but I’m going into this week with positive thoughts, ready to tackle anything that pops up.


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