A Home


I love seeing other people’s apartments. I like to see how they’ve decorated, and what sorts of things they have on display (iPods have totally ruined judging people’s taste in music, and most of my friends just have nursing textbooks, but still), and just seeing the space where my friends hang out when they aren’t in school is interesting. And, because I am obsessed, I like to look at their kitchens. Most of my friends are at least a little older than me, and it’s apparently kind of unusual to live on campus for your entire undergraduate career, so even the younguns have had apartments before, but I never have, and I’m still trying to figure out how to make my space seem homier (I bet a million dollars a kitten would help). Kitchens are a big part of this too though, and it seems like everyone else’s have much cozier vibes. A table might help, if there was room, since then people could sit and chat while cooking happened (if you’re lucky, and live with nice people with whom you’d like to sit and chat), but there’s something else, some ineffable thing that separates my kitchen from my friends’. I have all kinds of vinegars, and the most important kitchen items (wooden spoon, wire whisk, cast iron skillet, dutch oven. I don’t have any saucepans, which is an oversight, and I keep meaning to get some, but I make do without), but something is missing. I’d like to put pictures on the walls- I’ve always wanted one of those posters with all the different pastas, or grains, or tomatoes (my parents are lucky and have a series of cow pictures on the walls of their kitchen). It wouldn’t be a solution, since my friends don’t have arts on their kitchen walls, so that isn’t what I’m missing, but it would be nice. I’d like to get a bunch of dried chilis to hang up too, and maybe a chalk board (we have a lot of empty wall space). I think the real problem is the atmosphere in the apartment, and that’s harder to fix than simply hanging up some peppers.


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