I have been starvingly hungry all day, no matter what I eat- I seriously feel like The Very Hungry Caterpiller. The obvious solution- eat something- isn’t feasible right now, so I just have to stick it out, but while sometimes feeling hungry can be nice, since then you really appreciate it when you eat, feeling empty all day is a drag. Fortunately, there will be pizza at Birth Companions tonight (it’s the last class! I’ve already signed up for a few births in the upsoming months), but that’s an hour away, and so useless.

This morning kicked off with a test, and now I’m filled with that post-test surge of relief. It wasn’t perfect, but it was easier than I expected, so I feel good about that, but now I just want to plank around, and I can’t- I have to keep working. Wednesdays are usually nights off because of contra dancing, but I’m seriously debating whether I should go tonight. It’s the last free night, and I love going, but I’m wiped out. Dancing will probably recharge me, but it’s like psyching myself up for a run-no matter how much I know it will feel great, getting myself out the door is a struggle. A not-small part of me wants to just go home after class and crash, and make a mug cake, and watch Private Practice, but I know that if I do that my night will be like one big mug cake- unsatisfying (seriously, I’ve made them like half a dozen times, and they are never good. You’d think I would just give up).


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