On Clothes


I miss the good old days of summer semester when everyone wore scrubs everyday. Now that we’ve been around the block a bit we’re allowed to dress however we want, and it’s making it all too clear that I do not know how to dress myself at all. I never have- I have a weird love of the grunge look that I’ve never outgrown. My classmates on the other hand, are great at dressing themselves, which just reenforces my total lack of fashion sense and makes me feel even more frumpy than I would otherwise. I honestly don’t know how they do it- I feel proud of myself if I swipe on some eyeliner and mascara before rushing out the door in the morning, but they show up looking amazing, with their flattering outfits and just-right make-up. I would be happy if I could just wear workout clothes 24/7, but even the girls in yoga pants manage to pull it off with more style than me. I just don’t have the right eye for dressing myself- I need a lady-in-waiting.
It isn’t clothing per se, but I also want a dog collar with a watch. Not for me, but for my future dog. I had the idea ages ago, and I can clearly picture it- brown leather, with a big watch, like a pocket watch, and a brass plate instead of tags. I can’t find one like it anywhere, and it’s very vexing, because I think it would be terrific. I would want to take it off before my dog went running into a lake, so it would probably just be for special occasions, but that’s fine. I may not know the first thing about human-style, but I’d like to have a well-dressed dog.


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