How do you know when your body wants something because it needs it, and not because you just want it? Lately I’ve had some pretty wicked food cravings, but because they’ve mostly been for things like bread (which I haven’t been baking since I’ve been busy and avoiding the kitchen), and cheese. Oh man, do I ever want cheese. I don’t think I need those things, but I am used to having them, so I feel their absence in my diet. I’ve been mostly living off of veggies, which is fine, but I don’t know if it’s the right diet for me if I consistently crave other foods.

Last night I came home from school and made myself a delicious dinner of hash. I grated an onion and two small potatoes, and chopped up some cabbage, then put all of my veggies in some cheese cloth and wrung out the extra water, and fried them up in some olive oil with a little salt and pepper. I topped it with an over-easy egg, and with some ketchup on the side I had a nice dinner.

The potatoes didn’t brown the way I would’ve liked, and I’m not really sure why, but it was very tasty. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but using a cheese grater to grate the onions may have been a mistake, since it was torture for my eyes- I was crying all over the place. I’m willing to suffer for my art though, and they were nice and uniform. Hash browns don’t get enough credit, and I’m as guilty as anyone of leaving them to get cold while I focus on other, more exciting parts of restaurant breakfast meals, but they can be delicious when they’re given the spotlight.

This morning Jen and I met up for a run, but it didn’t really go as well as I would’ve liked. I was still tight from Sunday’s 8.5 miles, and it was muggy, and my knees objected almost immediately. We did about three miles though, which is better than nothing. It was frustrating, but Jen reminded me that every run is a good run, and she was such a great sport about cutting things short (we had originally planned on doing 7 miles) that I couldn’t complain too much. I’m so glad I have a good workout buddy.


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