Trying to recap


I keep starting a post and then getting distracted, but things have been really great lately. I totally won at fun this past weekend.

My friend Jen turned me onto a great Living Social deal on Crossfit (5 classes for $15), so on Friday night we went down to the inner harbor to check it out. It was my first time doing Crossfit, though I’ve been wanting to try it for some time, and it was great. It killed me, and I got kind of frustrated with myself when I struggled, but it was a great workout, and a nice evening with my friend (who is actually a major badass and rocks at Crossfit). Afterwards we wandered around the inner habor since we never have time to explore, and had a nice time strolling around, looking in shops, and drinking lemonade. It was a great way to spend Friday night, and celebrate the end of our first week of classes.

The next morning I woke up early and went to the farmer’s market. It was a warm morning, but fall is coming, and lots of vendors had apples, and cider, and nice autumnal treats. I stocked up on produce, and eggs, and even some local ground beef,  and then dashed home to meet Jen for a run. I have a great loop that I really like, and we did that, and then went for another Crossfit workout (and I actually just got back from still another- I wish I could afford to keep going after my five classes, but it’s just too expensive for my zero income lifestyle). The workout was great, but the real star of the weekend was Saturday night.

My friend Judy invited me over, and we played Settlers of Catan with her fiancee, and one of our classmates and his friend. There were brownies, and kale chips (that I brought), and cocktails, and everyone was wonderful. I lost like whoa, but it didn’t matter at all because I had such a pleasant evening. The company actually reminded me of hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law, which is about the highest praise I can think of. It was also a little like hanging out with the cast of Questionable Content, and honestly, what more could you ask of a night out than that?

I have decided that I really need to make pierogies, and because I have a giant sweet potato, I guess they’ll be sweet potato pierogies. Smitten Kitchen says to just use wonton wrappers, so it shouldn’t be hard at all, and if it works I will have a much more dumpling-filled life. The possibilities are endless! I’m thinking potato, kale, and cheddar cheese- doesn’t that sound delicious? And sauerkraut! And now that it’s kind of starting to be fall (it’s actually chilly outside, and it feels lovely) there will be apples to be made into applesauce, that can be consumed on top of homemade pierogies! I love this plan!


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