Back to school


True to form, I was up half the night with first day jitters, but when my alarm went off dark and early this morning I sprang from my bed, pulled on my scrubs, and prepared to meet the day, and another semester of nursing school. I even put on make-up! I had my lunch, and notebooks, and I was all set, but when I got to school I realized that I don’t have class on Tuesdays until 1:30, so I came home and watched Gossip Girl (go ahead and judge- that show is like crack. It’s full of glamorizing abusive relationships, and binge drinking, and I love it, even if it makes me feel guilty and dumb. On the plus side, I’ve run out of Netflix seasons, and I want to watch the most recent season before I see the upcoming one, so I might be safe for a few months at least). Eventually I went back to school though, and boy is it crowded now. Holy heck! My class, plus the fall accelerated students, and the traditionals, and everyone is wearing the same blue scrubs, which makes things very disorienting. I eventually found some of my friends, but it felt very weird having all of these new people in what I had come to think of as my class’ space, and I didn’t love it. It actually reminded me of having my roommates show up at the apartment after having it to myself, but I survived that, and I will eventually adjust to my newly crowded school.

Speaking of roommates, my rent discussion did not go as planned. I had hoped to get it out of the way as soon as Roommate #2 arrived, and I planned my moves carefully. Like any important event, food was a key component, and I thought long and hard about what kind of baked good would best serve my purposes. I wanted something great, something that would make anyone putty in my hands, that no one would be able to resist, and so weeks ago I settled on browned butter brownies. It seemed perfect, and I didn’t let the fact that I had never made them stand in my way- I had a PLAN.

Roommate #2 returned yesterday, and I made my move, and a batch of brownies. The thing about these brownies is that you need to accept their decadence. I looked them up, and the website with a close approximation of the recipe said that each brownie has 200 calories. They aren’t supposed to be healthy, and so while I thought that two and a half pounds of butter was insane, it still seemed plausible. Browning it was a production, since it’s a ton of butter, and my pan wasn’t quite deep enough, but I rolled with it, and eventually came up with a batter that was frustratingly liquid. I called my sister, and she reassured me that brownie batter is supposed to be on the thin side, so I poured it into the pan, popped it into the oven, and waited. And waited. After forty minutes it was still soup, and I started to get angry. I called my sister, who couldn’t explain it. I called my dad, who didn’t answer. I called my mom, who said that even failed desserts are tasty, and suggested I call it fudge sauce and serve it over ice cream. And then my clever sister asked me if I had used two and a half sticks, or pounds of butter. Yes, I made brownies with five sticks of butter and didn’t think anything was wrong. I am obviously someone who should give patients medications. It was ok though! I poured the batter back into a mixing bowl, doubled all the other, non-butter ingredients, and made an extra large batch of passable brownies. They lack structural integrity, so you have to eat them with a spoon, but darn if they aren’t tasty.

The whole brownie ordeal was too emotionally trying (and I also ate kind of a lot of half-baked batter and so had a stomachache) to then proceed with rent negotiations, so they’ve been postponed. I’m thinking this weekend. I don’t want to wait too long, but while I’ve had a relatively chill first day back at school my roommates haven’t, and I need to pick my moment.

Current Loves:

purplely blue sparkly nail polish (that I can’t wear on my fingers because of school, but that looks nice on my toes)

Vampire Weekend Pandora station (Spoon is so good! I never knew! My music rut is finally over!)

soft, buttery brownies

tie-wearing med students on the shuttle (when they aren’t hogging all the seats)

*Shame*. 🙂


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