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I didn’t mean to step away for such a long time, but my laptop died, and I only recently got a new one, and while my phone is lovely and magical, I didn’t want to blog on such a teeny screen. I’m back now though, and blogging from Buffalo, just like old times (I’m visiting my parents).

I went running on the Amherst bike trail this morning, and while I was out there I spotted a sign for the Scottish Heritage Festival! I never plan on going to these festivals, they always sort of creep up on me like a wonderful surprise, and I was thrilled that my day was wide open for a spur of the moment outing. My mom loves Scottish heritage as much as I do (a whole lot, considering we’re Polish and Italian), but she had to work, and so my dad came with me instead  (these things aren’t his cup of tea, but he was a very good sport). It wasn’t the same one that I went to last year– this was a much smaller festival, but it was still very nice. There were Highland Games, and dog agility courses, and authentic Scottish hotdogs (ok, maybe not so authentic, but I was starving, and it was the first food I saw), and lots of men in kilts. Funny story- did you know that men don’t wear underpants under their kilts? I sort of pictured some kind of woolen knickers, since it’s supposed to be super cold in Scotland, but when I happened to notice a man bending over to pick something up, I realized that I was mistaken, and they like a nice breeze.

I had hoped to see more puppies running the agility course, but if they had been there they weren’t by the time I showed up, and the dogs that were left weren’t your usual athletic breeds. There was a golden retriever, which made sense, but there were also lots of little dogs, including two pugs. It kind of reminded me of Yukon Kornelius’s dog team actually, but it was still cute. I’d like to have my dog run agility courses  (once I, you know, get a dog).

I’ve had a nice break, but I’m just about ready to go home. I’m very excited for this upcoming semester, which promises to be great. I’m taking a doula class, and once I’m trained I’ll be able to attend births and get paid through work study, and running a half marathon, and The Avett Brothers are coming to Baltimore, and I’m getting a kitten.

I know the kitten thing may seem premature, and I know I’ve said that I’ll never love any cat as much as I loved Lancaster, and that’s probably true (the love thing, not the prematurity thing), but I think I’m ready, and it’s easy to put things off until you achieve some perfect magical state of preparedness, but then I would never get a cat. I’m not looking to replace anyone, and you never love any pet like your first, but I think (at least I hope), that I have enough room in my heart for another kitten. Nothing is set in stone (there’s still the small matter of talking to the roommates), but I feel ready.


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