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I hate when I do this, but I haven’t been blogging much because I’ve been sitting in my room watching Netflix, and doing very little else. It’s terrible, I know, but I don’t know what else to do, since my friends aren’t back yet, and I don’t have any schoolwork, and the weather has been dreary (although it’s lovely out today, so I can’t use that excuse). I am a lump. On the bright side, my friend Josh should be hitting town soon (although he won’t tell me when, because sometimes it’s fun to make hostesses guess when you’re arriving, because letting them plan ahead means there will be food and beer in the house, and no one likes that. Passive aggressive ranting aside though, I’m super super excited to see him), and then there will be fun. I’m not sure what we’re going to do exactly, but he isn’t the type to let grass grow under his feet, so I’m sure we’ll think of something. We’re catching a baseball game on Wednesday with my friends Emily and Scott, and we both want to go to D.C., and there are lots of fun things to do in the area if you have a car and an open mind.

While I haven’t been a model of productivity, I have been easing back out of living in Vacation Mode, and getting back to regular meals, exercise, and sleeping habits. My Trader Joe’s haul mostly consisted of sauces, spices, and vinegars, and so yesterday I broke them out for a test run and made some delicious stir fry.

It was largely onion, since I didn’t think ahead and get other veggies, but it also included carrots, okra, and kale. My bunch of kale this week was a terrible disappointment- I decided to give the local guy a chance to ease my conscience, but it was A) bundled so the (considerable) brown leaves were concealed, and B) literally full of bugs. I had to throw a lot of it away, and I’m going bag to my $1/lbs guy next week.

I also made a big batch of hummus, but it didn’t come out very well because Magic Bullets stink. I’m going to eat it anyway, and I’m committed to making my own hummus even though I love the fun flavors they have at the farmer’s market, because it’s silly to pay $5 per tub, but while it’s economical, it’s also frustrating. I may have to just mash the chickpeas with a fork next time (like a caveman) and save myself some time and aggravation. 🙂

Depending on when Josh shows up I’m going to aim for a run today, and renew my gym membership. I can be productive. I can. Really.





So…I kind of stink at yoga, but boy is it a good workout! After 90 minutes of contorting I was a sweaty beast, and I felt like an overcooked noodle, but I had a lot of fun. The studio is prohibitively far away, so I won’t be able to make it a regular thing, but it felt good to stretch out.

After yoga my friend Jessica and I went to Trader Joe’s, which is a terrible place to be when you’re hungry. Everything looked amazing, and I’m honestly amazed that I made it out without buying cookie butter. I wanted it, I considered it, but I have a big jar of nutella in my pantry, and I only need one jar of sugar paste at a time. Shopping with a friend meant that I had to browse until she was ready to go, so I picked up lots of stuff and then tried to talk myself out of it before check-out. “Red pepper: $.69…well, I want to make roasted red pepper hummus, but I’m going to the farmer’s market tomorrow, and I should probably buy peppers there. No! They’ll be more expensive, and what if I’m hit by a truck tonight, and can’t go to the market! But it isn’t local! $.69!” and so on. I almost bought all kinds of random things- cookies, and weird cheeses, and a pineapple, but I think I did an ok job of showing restraint. I bought a ton of random stuff, but it’s all useful random stuff, like black beans, and rice vinegar, so it’s acceptable.

After wandering around TJ’s for almost an hour, and buying all kinds of tasty things, I came home and had bread and butter for dinner. That’s kind of sad, right? My pet-sitter can’t return Flora until Monday, so I figured I would just bake more bread and eat this loaf myself (I actually gave half to Jessica though, so I’m not just nomming all the bread), and while I did buy delightful Trader Joe’s goodies, I still don’t have a lot of food in the house, and it pretty much all requires cooking, and I was starving. Tomorrow I’ll go to the market and get more food, and then I’ll start eating like a normal person again, I swear. I’ve already started planning school lunches, and my takeout from last night inspired me- chicken and apple sushi! Mmm…doesn’t that sound good! I (briefly) worked in the Asian food dining hall in college, and got to make sushi, and I got one of those bamboo mat thing-ys at Wegman’s, and now I’m going to make all kinds of sushis (they aren’t going to look anything like authentic sushi, but that’s for the best, since I don’t especially like traditional sushi).

On a whim I decided to look at Masters stuff, and I don’t think I can apply to continue at Hopkins until I have my BSN and have passed the NCLEX, which changes things. I need to talk to my adviser, but this might be the universe telling me to take a year off and work, and finish the forensics certificate (it’s online, so I can do it anywhere), and maybe go to Marquette. I love being at Hopkins, I love it more than any other school I’ve ever attended, but I’m not sure I’m good enough to get in again, since I’m not sure how I snuck through in the first place. I have some time, and I know I’ll have people to guide me through this process, so I’m trying not to overthink.

I’m a little embarrassed, but I’ve watched the whole first season of Wilfred on Netflix in less than two days. I don’t have much else to do, but that’s still excessive, and I know it. Embarrassing admissions aside though, it’s excellent, and people should watch it. Elijah Wood is always going to be Frodo, and I no longer understand why I thought he was so dreamy (yes, his eyes are pretty, but they’re a little bulgy too), but he’s perfect for his role, and Jason Gann is hilarious. It isn’t a show I’d watch with my parents (probably. I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall with my parents, and that has lots of naked Jason Segel, so it’s hard to say what the line is there), but it’s very funny and awesome and I wish I could watch the second season right now (it’s probably for the best that I can’t though).

Gun Jumping


I’ve been reviewing the situation, and I’m not positive that it’s the right time to get another cat. I’m not positive that it isn’t the right time, but it’s no longer a sure thing. I looked seriously at two kittens while I was in Buffalo, and while they were great…I don’t know. Being home without Lancaster wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but every night when I turned on my bedroom light for a second I would expect to see her on my bed. I’ve struggled to explain this clearly, but I can’t fully grasp that she’s actually dead. While I was interviewing a potential kitten I noted to my sister that you sort of just know when you find the right cat, but I still feel like the only cat for me is Lancaster, and since I can’t wrap my mind around her no longer existing, and she’s just elsewhere, there isn’t any potential for another cat to fill that gap. (To be clear, when I say that it feels like she’s “elsewhere” I don’t mean reincarnated, or with me in spirit, or any of the (maybe better adjusted) explanations that people assume. I mean that it feels like she is alive, but somewhere else and being kept from me, and it’s frustrating. People take note on the importance of closure.) At the same time though, I want a cat. So there’s that. I can’t do anything just yet anyway, so there’s time to think about it still, but while it’s likely that I’ll be adding to my menagerie, it isn’t guaranteed.

Rather than going through with my plan to live off of Nutella last night, I decided to get takeout, and walked down to Freshii. I had never been there, but it looked good, and I was not disappointed. I ordered a bowl of brown rice with chicken and lots of odds and ends (you can add as many toppings as you want, so I went to town and got broccoli, edamame, spinach, carrot, cucumber, green apple, and some other stuff), and while at first it seemed overpriced, (and maybe it was), the portions are large enough that I still have leftovers, even after having it for breakfast.


I have high hopes for today- my friend and I are going to catch a hot yoga class, and then go to Trader Joe’s, and I’m hoping to be reunited with my hedgehog. I already started the day off right by baking a delicious loaf of thank-you bread for my pet-sitter, so my apartment smells great. I had planned on making the bread with caramelized onions, since I know he likes onions but rarely gets to eat them because his girlfriend hates them, but I decided to make it plain, and not rock any boats by giving him a loaf of bread that he couldn’t share with her, especially because she was the one to offer me his services in the first place. Plus (and this is important), since I didn’t make the no-onions decision until I had already caramelized some, I got to eat them myself, so everyone’s a winner.

If you have some spare time you should totally check out this video.

I know Dan Savage can be a huge jerk sometimes, but I like him anyway, and even more because he actually invited the guy into his home. And speaking of his home, how cute is it that they use jam jars as drinking glasses,? And the taxidermy bison head?  I know that’s 100% beside the point, but I did love getting to see his dining room. The conversation itself was good, and I appreciate how they were both able to be civil, but maybe because I’m so firmly planted on my pro-gay marriage side, I thought Brian Brown came off as an oily jerk. Dan Savage isn’t going to be the one to bring gay marriage to the masses, but it’s frustrating, and a little mystifying that people care so much about relationships that don’t involve them. Also, the argument that “Boohoo if gay marriage is allowed people who don’t like it will be branded as bigots” is pathetic. If you don’t want to be branded as a bigot, maybe you should stop being one. Sheesh.

Jiggity Jog


Twenty days ago I would’ve sworn that walking into my parent’s house, all full of people who love me, was the best feeling ever. It’s still a good feeling, but walking through my kitchen door into my empty apartment, knowing I have it to myself until my friend comes to visit next week felt pretty great too. I don’t know when the shift happened, but this apartment feels like home too, and even though it can get a little lonely, I’ve spent about thirty hours in the car in the past month, and I could use some alone time.

I hate unpacking, but the apartment looked so clean and nice that I jumped right in so I could preserve the tidy peacefulness for a little longer. I had all kinds of grand plans for the day since I got home so early and didn’t waste too much of the day in travel, but instead I fell asleep. We didn’t get back from driving Lillian to school until close to midnight last night, and then I woke up at 4:00 to catch my flight, so I was in serious need of a nap, and there’s something really great about getting back to your own bed. When I woke up I was starving, but when I went downstairs I was confronted by this:

It was slightly better than this picture actually- there was a lone tortilla, and so that was what I ate, with a side of pickles, but I need to grocery shop. Thursdays are a tricky return day though, because the market isn’t until Saturday, so I don’t want to get too much just yet. I’m also going on a Trader Joe’s run with a friend tomorrow, so the most logical thing is to wait and live off of peanut butter and nutella (eaten off spoons, because I’m out of tortillas).

I had a great time visiting my family, but it’s really nice to be home.

Back to blogging


I didn’t mean to step away for such a long time, but my laptop died, and I only recently got a new one, and while my phone is lovely and magical, I didn’t want to blog on such a teeny screen. I’m back now though, and blogging from Buffalo, just like old times (I’m visiting my parents).

I went running on the Amherst bike trail this morning, and while I was out there I spotted a sign for the Scottish Heritage Festival! I never plan on going to these festivals, they always sort of creep up on me like a wonderful surprise, and I was thrilled that my day was wide open for a spur of the moment outing. My mom loves Scottish heritage as much as I do (a whole lot, considering we’re Polish and Italian), but she had to work, and so my dad came with me instead  (these things aren’t his cup of tea, but he was a very good sport). It wasn’t the same one that I went to last year– this was a much smaller festival, but it was still very nice. There were Highland Games, and dog agility courses, and authentic Scottish hotdogs (ok, maybe not so authentic, but I was starving, and it was the first food I saw), and lots of men in kilts. Funny story- did you know that men don’t wear underpants under their kilts? I sort of pictured some kind of woolen knickers, since it’s supposed to be super cold in Scotland, but when I happened to notice a man bending over to pick something up, I realized that I was mistaken, and they like a nice breeze.

I had hoped to see more puppies running the agility course, but if they had been there they weren’t by the time I showed up, and the dogs that were left weren’t your usual athletic breeds. There was a golden retriever, which made sense, but there were also lots of little dogs, including two pugs. It kind of reminded me of Yukon Kornelius’s dog team actually, but it was still cute. I’d like to have my dog run agility courses  (once I, you know, get a dog).

I’ve had a nice break, but I’m just about ready to go home. I’m very excited for this upcoming semester, which promises to be great. I’m taking a doula class, and once I’m trained I’ll be able to attend births and get paid through work study, and running a half marathon, and The Avett Brothers are coming to Baltimore, and I’m getting a kitten.

I know the kitten thing may seem premature, and I know I’ve said that I’ll never love any cat as much as I loved Lancaster, and that’s probably true (the love thing, not the prematurity thing), but I think I’m ready, and it’s easy to put things off until you achieve some perfect magical state of preparedness, but then I would never get a cat. I’m not looking to replace anyone, and you never love any pet like your first, but I think (at least I hope), that I have enough room in my heart for another kitten. Nothing is set in stone (there’s still the small matter of talking to the roommates), but I feel ready.