Possible, not practical


Because I signed up so late in the game I feel like I have to go to the gym a whole lot between now and the end of the semester (August 3) to get my money’s worth. I paid for unlimited classes too, so I need to Spin as much as possible, and maybe check out their yoga offerings, but as long as I’m in the building, getting sweaty, I’m going to view it as a victory.

Caroline B. and I went to the gym together last night, which I thought was kind of nice. She drives to the gym, which I think is a little silly and not green (we live about…four blocks away. Maybe five), but the sky was threatening, and it was hot, so I could appreciate her logic. She did her own thing, and I went to Spin, which was pleasantly hard. It’s been a long time since my last Spin class, but it felt great, though the saddles are the most uncomfortable things ever. Class ended around 7:15, and I decided that I was going to try to make contra dancing at 8:00, so I ran through the shower when we got home (I invited Caroline to come with me, but no one will ever come with me ever, so I’m going to stop asking. I have a grand old time by myself anyway), grabbed a quick supper to eat on the road (half a tortilla with hummus and cucumber), and ran out the door with wet hair.

I think I missed the first dance, but I jumped right in as soon as I got in, and had another wonderful night of dancing. People are starting to remember my name, and I do think I’m improving, even if that just means I can follow a strong partner and lose my balance less. I love waltzing. I made a waltzing Pandora station, and I’ve tried practicing by myself in the kitchen, but I don’t think it’s that helpful. Listening to waltzes might help, since it gives me a better sense of the rhythm, but I want someone to dance with so I can practice the turns and tricks.

I was exhausted by the end of the night, but it was a very, very happy kind of exhaustion. I’m not sure whether I’ll do Spin and dancing next week, but it’s nice to know that I can if I feel so inclined. Wednesdays are my favorite night, but Thursdays are my longest days, so it’s a balancing act.


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