Two Months


I’ve been in Baltimore a little less than two months, and I mostly really like it, but today, out of the blue, I suddenly felt homesick for Buffalo. It was so bad in fact, that I briefly entertained the thought of working in Buffalo. I pictured myself getting a place, and getting set up. Housing in Buffalo is so inexpensive I bet I could find something for pretty cheap, and I could have a yard, and get a dog (that would be pretty perfect actually, since my dad could enjoy the benefits of the dog too, and my mom wouldn’t have to have it in her house). I figured I could do my Transitions at a Buffalo hospital, and live at home to save rent, and get a head start on paying back loans (my roommates both graduate in May, which is when I start Transitions, and our lease expires, so I wouldn’t have to find new roommates, or pay rent while living somewhere else), and then move back after graduation, and get a place of my own. It seemed like a really good idea…for about five minutes. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a bad idea, but it has some serious flaws. UB doesn’t offer a Masters in Midwifery, and I want to get as many degrees from Hopkins as they’ll give me. And those are the flaws. Otherwise it’s a good plan. Ok, I want to see the world, and I’ve never wanted to stay in Buffalo, and it might be very difficult to even find a job as a nurse there, because there aren’t any jobs for anyone, ever, but on the surface it seemed like a possibility. I would be close to my family, and Buffalo is a nice city, with fun things, and an affordable cost of living, and that isn’t nothing. Living far away can be exhausting sometimes, and if I don’t stay in Baltimore I’ll have to find some other place, and carve out a living, and community from scratch, and that sounds really hard.

While I was indulging in my little Buffalo daydream, I was also making a list of Acceptable State- places where I would be willing to live. People might disagree with a couple of places (*cough* South Dakota *cough*), but it was a relatively lengthy list, which just further drives home why I can’t just go back to Buffalo- there’s a whole world out there. Maybe after I travel and see all I care to see, if I still want to move back to Buffalo I’ll revisit the idea, but for now I have to look outward.

I haven’t posted any exciting food stuff lately, since I’ve been living off of my red beans and rice (and popcorn, and frozen fruit), but today the phrase “rhubarb scones” popped into my head, so keep an eye out for those in the near future. I’m trying to be super frugal and not buy a ton of groceries this week, and it’s so hot, and everything I have right now is so dull that I just want to live off of melon and pickles, but I’m going to try to do a little baking anyway. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you.


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