Moonrise Kingdom


I have the day off from school today, but I have a test tomorrow, so I’m not going dancing tonight. Instead, I went to the movies with my roommate last night, to see the new Wes Anderson picture Moonrise Kingdom. There’s a theater a few blocks from our apartment, and it’s super cool, in a reclaimed industrial kind of way. There’s a bar component, though I’m not sure whether people are allowed to bring their adult beverages into the theater itself, and it’s all exposed brick, and twinkle lights, and rusted steel stars. The theater is almost cave-like, the walls look like rough stone, and there’s a crazy high ceiling, and the pre-show announcements are 1960’s-ish. It’s a great effect, and I’m a big fan.

(I didn’t take those pictures, but I wanted to illustrate my point. I’m not taking credit though.)

The movie itself was just lovely. Ninety-four minutes flew by in what felt like half an hour. Wes Anderson does such a nice job of framing things, it was really very prettily done. The story itself was cute, and sweet, and sort of romantic, but not really the point, which was how attractively done the thing was. I liked the characters, but they didn’t feel as fleshed out as Max Fischer, or the Tenenbaums- they were interesting, and I felt for them, but I didn’t really get to know them. The cast was great though, especially Edward Norton, and Bruce Willis, who I love, no matter how many terrible movies he’s in. There’s just something very sweet and bulldoggy about him that speaks to me, and he was perfect for this role.

The music was less of a focus than in other Wes Anderson movies, but I think that actually makes sense, because kids don’t really think about music the way older people do (at least I didn’t). It was pleasant, and different, but I’m not running out to buy the soundtrack. What I did like, and it actually kind of struck me, was that although the music was less prominent than in his other movies, there was a scene where the two leads are dancing, and Anderson was able to show two kids dancing in their underwear and have it be natural, and sweet, rather than uncomfortable. They ran away because they were in love, and they were playing with very grown-up roles, but they danced like children, and it wasn’t sexualized, or creepy at all. It’s hard to portray kids realistically, but this was a good example.

I also adored Kara Hayward as Suzy, the female lead. She was like a tiny Margot Tenenbaum, and I was really impressed with her performance (and her pretty blue eyes- they’re like blueberries). Her character was tough, and smart, and broken, and she brought her kitten and a supply of wet food when she ran away from home, so she clearly understood about priorities.

My friend Emily told me the other day that she hates Wes Anderson, and didn’t think The Royal Tenenbaums was at all funny. At first I was scandalized, but I don’t actually think of Tenenbaums as a funny movie-it has funny parts, but I wouldn’t call it a comedy. Moonrise though, is very funny. And beautiful, and sweet. I’m not sure whether my friend would agree, but I would wholeheartedly endorse it to anyone who doesn’t already hold a grudge against Wes Anderson.

My day off got off to a great start with a 3-mile run with my friend and neighbor Jen. Jen is a total badass, and does Crossfit, and runs marathons, and already has a Masters in Public Health, and we’ve been talking about running together for ages, but never got around to it until this morning. Running with someone is great. It really really is, especially on hills, when it would be too tempting to give up if you were by yourself. She’s thinking about running the half in the fall too, so we’re going to try to run together more often. We got up early today, and she took me on an interesting loop around a close-by area that I didn’t know even existed, and will have to explore.

When I got home from my run I had a glass of water with fresh cantaloupe, and some overnight oats that I put together last night with frozen blueberries and raspberries, giving them a pleasant purple-y pinkness.

I’ve already started planning my next dinner party, and I know I want to get more creative with beverages. It’s all well and good to not serve any alcohol, but I feel as though I should have fun drink options, and I’m thinking about attempting my own ginger ale. Yeast is pretty magical stuff, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of the things it can do. The rest of the menu still illudes me, but I’d like to have another dinner before the end of the semester, so I need to pick a date, a menu, and a guest list, because there are just too many nice people in my program, and it’s very difficult narrowing it down so that everyone gets a chair and plate.

My books are calling to me, and I have a full day of studying ahead, so I should get started. I love and hate how fast this week is flying by.


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