Too darn hot


I sometimes worry that people don’t like me, and I have a terrible fear of inflicting myself on others, which adds up to a certain amount of social anxiety. The other day in lab I heard my groupmates planning a brunch, and because I was inches away but no one invited me I sort of figured they didn’t want me to come, probably because they don’t like me. Later I reassured myself that that probably wasn’t the case, and they just wanted to do something without inviting our entire class, because sometimes intimate gatherings are just more fun. I told myself to stop overthinking, and put it from my mind (kind of), but this morning I ran into one of them and she invited me, so that was nice. I had a moment of hesitation because I didn’t want her to feel obligated, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if someone asks you somewhere you should just say yes and not interrogate them about their motives. People can be happy to hang out with you without showing rabid enthusiasm, and it’s needy to insist on being reassured all the time, so I was happy to just go along and be pleasant and normal.

Brunch was at Woodberry Kitchen, which is 100% delightful. It would have been totally off my radar, because it’s kind of far away, in an area I had never been to, but I’m so glad someone had heard of it, because it’s wonderful. It’s beautifully decorated, with lots of exposed brick, and it looks like a cross between an old barn and an abandoned factory. The waiters all wear plaid shirts, and they had Vampire Weekend playing when we walked in, which is usually a good sign. The menu presented a nice challenge, since everything sounded so delicious, but I opted for the breakfast burger, and was glad I did.

Holy delicious burger Batman! I had a medium-rare burger on a buttered English muffin, with a giant slice of bacon, salty, melted cheddar cheese, and a fried egg on top. I seriously swooned at my first bite, it was so so good. I also ordered a mocktail of sour cherries and sweet mint, which was nice, but nothing too special. The burger stole the show. The potatoes were also very nice, and everyone else lost their minds over a crab dip that I unfortunately couldn’t try (darn shellfish allergies!). The whole experience was just super pleasant, hanging out with nice people, in a pretty place, eating wonderful food, and enjoying looking at our super cute waiter. I was very glad I was invited, and even more glad that I accepted and didn’t let silly things prevent me from going and enjoying myself.

After brunch one of my classmates announced that she was going to Trader Joe’s, so I had to go along for the ride. There are a couple of TJ’s around Baltimore, but none within walking distance of my apartment, so they might as well not exist. I wanted to be responsible, and I did show a lot of restraint, but I also came home with some nice treats (the frozen fruit was so cheap! And of course I needed some dried mango, what am I, made of stone?), since I don’t know when I’ll get out there again.

It’s horribly hot in Baltimore, so I caved and put on my air conditioning, but it’s still too hot to really eat much, so I had cold quinoa and leftover roasted zucchini and summer squash that I made yesterday and didn’t really want to eat for dinner, and have been picking at some cantaloupe. I’m glad I have so much fruit now, because nothing else really appeals when it’s this hot. I might change my mind, since this morning I felt starved for carbs, but I don’t think I’m going to bake bread this week- I don’t want to even go near my oven.


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