I’ve decided that I’m tired of being on my own, and that I’d like to be married. My classmates are all married, or as good as, and I want some of that sweet sweet emotional support. It’s been a hard week, with the pet drama, and now a big scary storm, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to be on my own anymore. I always planned on getting a dog before a husband, or serious boyfriend, just to avoid complications if and when we broke up and there was any dispute over who should keep the dog, but I’m willing to mix up my timeline if it means getting to be with someone who will keep me company, and get me (my Baltimore friends are great, but they know me very well yet, and they think I’m much more prudish and humorless than I am. I feel gratified every time I make them laugh, but also a little offended that they’re so surprised that I’m funny). I’ll admit that worries over aged pets and fear of lightening aren’t great reasons to jump into a relationship, but I don’t care, because this being single thing is officially malarkey. This is a very scary storm! I actually moved off my bed because it’s next to the window, which is next to the fire escape, and I don’t think that’s how science works, but why risk it? Except I’m not going to sleep on the floor, especially since I’ve managed to step on shards of glass every morning this week (the globe from my ceiling fan fell and smashed, and I’ve gone over the floor with a wet paper towel a dozen times, but glass shards are much more attracted to my bare feet). Now I don’t actually have a plan for meeting anyone, but I’m just tossing it out there that I’m ready, and hoping the universe sends someone my way. I’ve bee doing things that I like that relate to my interests, but it’s unlikely that I’ll meet anyone at nursing school, contra dancing, or Quaker meeting, so those aren’t helpful. Should something crop up though, I’m now willing to keep an open mind, at least as long as my stress holds out, and it’s a month until finals, so that shouldn’t be an issue.


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