Things I Want Thursday


So this isn’t an actual weekly thing that I do, but I’m always interested in other bloggers wish lists, so I thought I’d do one too.

Costco Giant Bucket O’Flour

Ok, I don’t need 619 servings of flour…or do I? No, I don’t (even though according to the bag of flour in my kitchen, a serving is 1/4 cups, so 619 servings would only make about 39 loaves of bread), but I would like to get flour in bigger bags, because 5 lbs isn’t getting it done. Flour is a staple, and so buying a bag every couple of weeks, irks me, and forces me to consider the possibility that I eat too many carbs. Which I would also have to consider if I had a giant apocalypse-survival bucket of flour, but at least in that scenario I have all the flour. And who knows, maybe zombies would rather have pancakes and zucchini bread than brains! Has anyone ever offered them baked goods?

This Ladder Bookshelf (or any bookshelf)

Look! The books aren’t on the floor! Classy.

Blue Enamelware Dishes.

I’ve always wanted a set of these dishes (my sister had a teeny tiny set for her dollhouse). My dishes that I have are beautiful, they’re actually wedding china-levels of pretty, and I didn’t even have to get married, but they’re almost too nice. I worry about breaking them, and enamelware stuff is made to take a beating. Plus, it makes the owner look outdoorsy, even when the only time she spends outside is waiting for the bus.

Kitchen Chalkboard

For lists, and recipes, and notes to roommates once they show up. I think the owl is cute, but a regular rectangular one would be just as nice.

Barnwood Hanging Bed from Anthropologie

How cool does this look? I don’t think it would work in my current bedroom, but it’s nice to imagine it.

Some way to muffle sounds in my dining room (probably a rug)

I take a certain amount of pride in my dining room- it was almost entirely empty when I first moved in, and now there are pictures on the walls, and enough chairs for everyone who lives here to sit down at the same time. It’s come a long way, but it still strikes me as being a little severe, and it’s very echo-y. A rug would help with that.

When it really comes down to it, I don’t need anything (except a bookshelf. Books on the floor look sloppy), but I’m already starting to think past this year, and past my accelerated BSN. If I get into the Masters program I’m going to want to stay in my apartment because I love it so, and so I feel a little nest-y about the place. There will be time to cross that bridge later though, and for now I’m going to go to bed.


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