When you have a tiny baby (I imagine), every week comes with new changes and developments. They’re growing, and learning, and becoming a real person, and you can watch it all happen, like growing a lima bean on a wet paper towel, but bigger and better. Nursing school is kind of like that. Every week is so tremendous, and it’s impossible to imagine how it’ll be in six months, just like a six-month old baby is an entirely different being than a newborn. They say that with babies it’s good not to get too bogged down in comparisons, since one kid develops so differently from the next, and I’m trying to do that with school too. Today in lab someone said that she feels like she isn’t making friends as quickly as she should, and I immediately jumped in and agreed, and we commented on how some people have already formed cliques, and are best of friends, but we’re still hanging back a bit, and circling, and figuring out who our people are. It’s ok to take your time with this kind of thing, but I’m starting to lay some groundwork, and when I think about where I was just seven days ago I can see a lot of growth.



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