All the fun


I start every day with the best intentions, but by the time I get out of class my resolutions regarding running, or staying late to study have usually faded into the need to get home and relax/frantically try to keep up with my reading. I was determined to actually go to the contra dance tonight though, and I actually managed to somehow follow though and go out and put myself in an unfamiliar social situation. It was ten-awesome, and I had a brilliant time, but first I cooked up a quick dinner.

Tomato sauce (it was a very simple sauce, just onions, garlic, crushed tomatoes from a can, some tomato paste, and basil, with my final chicken breast chopped up), kale, and a slice of bread and butter for sopping. I don’t have any pasta, and I don’t know when I’ll buy some, because it isn’t very interesting (though it is quick and easy, and not undelicious), but I love tomato sauce, and kale is as good a vessel for it as anything else. I’ve been trying to ration this week’s loaf of bread, but it’s getting a little stale, so I’ll probably finish it off tomorrow and have the leftover sauce for lunch.

I had another post half-written, all about how I’m super broke and I can’t afford vegetables or flour and I’m going to have to live off of instant noodles and PBR, but then I went contra dancing and now I’m too happy to feel stressed about money. Dancing is so awesome, it just makes everything better.

I thought that the website said there was a lesson before the dance, but when I got there they told me it’s only on certain days that didn’t include today, so I awkwardly hung out and wished I had my phone so I could call people/play around on the internet (I left my phone at home because I was walking by myself at night and I didn’t want to have anything that would make me seem mug-able), but I can proudly say that while I was socially anxious and shy, I did not even consider wimping out and going home. The band was really good, but unusual- there were saxophones, which I don’t think of as very contra-y, but they sounded great. The best part though, was that everyone, literally everyone there, was so so nice. My partners were all very experienced dancers (there was one couple who were super in love and cute (the husband kept wandering away to kiss his wife mid-dance), who were especially good, and the husband was my partner for a song and dipped me to the floor! Like Fred Astaire!) and they were incredibly patient and helpful, and twirled me so much that I could barely see straight, and couldn’t stop grinning. I only danced for an hour because I had to walk home by myself (I’m like a reverse vampire, and part of me thinks it’s silly, but the other part of me is still a little freaked out to be alone in a city with Baltimore’s reputation), and I have class in the morning, but I could have happily taken a page from Eliza Doolittle’s book and danced all night. I’m going to go back, and this might need to be a weekly thing. $6 a week isn’t nothing, but I could be willing to take it out of my grocery budget if it means more evenings like tonight.

It feels strange to end my happy dancing post with a tidbit about nursing school, but we learned how to do moist and dry wound dressings today, and I had to share a picture I took in the practice lab.

I tried really hard to be mature, but I did giggle a little when I walked into lab and saw model bottoms on all the exam tables. This one had a big horrible bedsore, and I bandaged it all up. I love lab.


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