Sleepy, sore, and satisfied


I have a working oven! It isn’t the new oven that I hoped for, but after two oven-less weeks I’ll take whatever I can get. I was so excited when the handyman told me that I could use it without worrying about burning down my apartment that I immediately mixed up a batch of my favorite no-knead bread. Unfortunately, I didn’t start making the bread until around 5:00, and it had to rise for twenty hours, which meant it was supposed to go into the oven today around 1:00. Normally that wouldn’t have been an issue, since I don’t usually have plans that can’t be cancelled, but I signed up to spend this weekend planting flowers at a local park, and I couldn’t just dash home to deal with my bread because I don’t have a car and it was an hour walk (it was actually closer to a two hour walk when you do it my way. My way involves getting super lost and asking for directions from strangers only to be told that no such park exists). Sometimes being a pedestrian requires a lot of spoons (that link makes me feel a little bad actually, since I’m young, and healthy, but really everyone does have a finite number of spoons, no matter how it might seem, so I think it fits). Anyway, I had to make a decision, and I opted to let my bread rise for as long as possible, and then just bake it. Baking bread before it’s ready makes it heavy, but waiting too long, especially on a hot, humid day when it was already rising like crazy could ruin it entirely, and I’d rather have heavy bread than garbage.

Friday nights have been lovely these past couple of weeks because Scott or Judy comes by with my share of the CSA vegetables, and it’s always nice to see them. This week’s haul was great- lots of lettuce, and some kale, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, tot soy, and green apples, and to my absolute delight, Judy also invited me over for dinner. I do love having People. We spent a lovely evening eating out on their deck, just talking, and visiting, and enjoying a wonderful dinner of steak (mine was seriously huge, and I loved every bite), corn on the cob, and fresh CSA salad. They have three cats, and while they’ve been wary of me in the past they’re starting to get used to me, so I even got to have a nice cat cuddle, which pushed the evening into over-the-top pleasantness. At the end of the evening they sent me home with grapes,  strawberries, and a couple of books that I’m hoping to get to this weekend while I still have time for recreational reading, and I was so full, and sleepy, and happy I could have gone to sleep right then with a smile on my face. That wasn’t really in the cards though, because I have pretty bad timing and had to wait up to move my yogurt to the fridge, but I killed the time by watching The Pirates of Penzance on Netflix, so I can’t really complain.

This morning I woke up early and went to the market. I didn’t really need anything, but I really wanted some rhubarb, and that felt like a need. It was a beautiful morning, and I had a great time strolling around, checking out all the vendors. I found a nice bunch of rhubarb for a good price, and then bought a dozen free range eggs too. I just don’t like my store eggs- they’re all white, and the same size, and they feel artificial and sad. Now I have beautiful blue, and brown eggs, and they make me happy, so it’s worth paying a little extra (but honestly, they were almost the same price). As I left the market I ran into an adorable corgi, and I had to stop and give him some attention. I do love corgis.

When I got home I put my bread in the oven, and thirty minutes later it emerged, absolutely beautiful. Bringing my oven up to 500 degrees turned my kitchen into an inferno, but it made the apartment smell wonderful, and now there’s fresh bread! It’s totally worth the heat. I had to leave my bread untasted though, and rushed out the door so I could wander around lost for two hours before spending the rest of the day planting flowers.

It was a great day, but hot, and I’m bug bitten like no one’s business, and my back is sore from bending over all day. You cannot beat $11/hour with a stick though, especially to someone who doesn’t have any income, and does have a lot of expenses. I met several nice people, and I spent a (mostly) pleasant day outside, and now I’m wiped out. I came home and had ice cream and bread for dinner (the bread is slightly heavy, but still very nice), and now I’m relaxing until I can justify passing out for the night. What I would really like is a beer, but I refuse to waste money on a cheap and terrible beer, and I can’t justify buying nice ones when I’ve already indulged in luxury spending for the week, so I’m going without. It’s very character-building.  Instead, I think I’ll have some carrot sticks and hummus, and watch Buffy, which is the next-best thing.


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