All the books


I don’t know if I got a good or bad deal, but I just bought all my books for the semester (and some for the fall) from another accelerated student, and now they’re in a stack on my floor (I’m also, coincidentally, really kind of wishing I had a bookcase right about now). They weigh about a kajillion pounds, and getting them home was a challenge, but now they’re here, right at my fingertips, waiting to be read, and that’s what matters. It’s a huge relief.

I’ve gotten into a cooking routine, and I have to say, I really enjoy it. Soon school will start, and I’ll have to make sacrifices to fit everything in my schedule, so today I made a point of cooking, because next week will probably involve a lot of hurried meals and leftovers. I was limited by what I had in my food stores, which is frankly kind of boring staple stuff while I establish a base, but I wanted to use my lemons because they were starting to look a little desiccated, and that was a jumping off point. I still don’t have an oven (but I will soon! The new, better, non-emergency handyman said he would get me a new oven!), but the phrase “lemon rice” jumped out at me, so I decided to improvise my own version of that. I needed something to eat with the rice, so I also cooked up a giant batch of lentils (I don’t really know what I was thinking when I made all the lentils ever. Maybe that I could eat them next week? Whatever it was, I made a ton of lentils). I don’t have a ton of experience cooking lentils, so I just made them plain, and then stirred in some basil, salt, and pepper. They were ok, but they needed something, so I opened a can of crushed tomatoes and dumped most of that in. Unfortunately, the tomatoes had basil in them, so the result tasted weirdly like Spaghetti-O’s, so I compensated by adding more pepper to combat the sweetness. Did I mention I made a ton of lentils? Because now I have all my lunches and dinners for a week. I’m embracing it though, it’s hearty, simple, healthy food, and you can’t beat that.

The rice came out very nice, lemony, and refreshing. I wish I had more in the spices department, but I like how un-muddled everything tastes when you can identify every flavor. I wilted some CSA greens in the microwave, and everything was ready.

I’d like to try my hand at dal, but I might never want to see another lentil again after I finish off all of my leftovers.

They fed us again at orientation, but I learned my lesson and ate normally, and just stole a bunch of fruit (not the best plan, since I also had to carry all the books, but I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity). I know I just wrote about loving being a person who snacks on veggies, but an apple and peanut butter is good too.


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I'm a 23 year old Smith College grad, living in Buffalo, NY, and trying to figure out my life. I love to cook, and craft, and work out, and this blog follows my adventures while I do all of those things and more. Enjoy!

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